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Find water pumps for any and every purpose

From new pool pumps to sump pumps, there is a variety of water pumps that can help you in any situation. A broken or worn pump won't move water as efficiently and can leave standing and overflowing water where you least want it. Check your pump for a broken impeller, motor housing and gaskets of any issues so you can replace the unit and keep water from causing damage.  

Irrigation and sprinkler pumps are the perfect addition for anyone with a green thumb. When setting up your garden, make sure you have rain barrels that will supply the pump with plenty of water to distribute. These sprinkler pumps will help your lawn and flowers grow tall and green. Sears carries plenty of pump parts so you can make quick repairs and get your pump running without having to invest in a new unit.

Whether you need a gas water pump or an electric model, Sears has the pumps that move water wherever you need it. Heavy-duty water pumps will move large quantities of water, and small pumps will help to maintain dry flooring. With a high-quality pump, you'll be able to handle anything from flood waters to pool parties.