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      Pumps for every purpose

      Need a new pool pump for your swimming pool this summer? We have them. Have a flood in your basement after all the spring rain? We have sump pumps. Need an irrigation and sprinkler pump to keep your lawn lush and green and get your garden growing? Shop right here. Not part of a municipal water system and need a new well pump for your rural home? You've come to the right website. Planning to install a fountain or pond as a water feature for your landscaping? You'll need a special pump and Sears has it.

      Among the many pool pumps Sears has for you to choose from is the Hayward EcoStar variable speed pump. It's fully programmable. You'll appreciate the self-contained 24-hour clock with up to eight custom speed and timer functions that allow you to control the unit to manage flow throughout the day. Plus, it has a rotating and mountable digital control interface.

      If you've ever had a flooded basement and had to deal with the messy, costly cleanup, you know why it's important to have a sump pump. You have plenty of options on this site, so you'll definitely find one that meets your needs and your budget. While browsing, make sure you look at the Simer emergency battery backup sump pump system. Heavy rain that can flood a basement is common during a storm. What else is common? Power outages. So if you have a battery backup system, you don't have to worry about the basement filling up while the power's out. The model from Simer actually has dual battery capability so you can add another battery. Talk about peace of mind.

      We know you have a lot better things to do than to stand outside holding a garden hose to water your lawn and garden. That's why irrigation and sprinkler systems are so popular. You can set it and forget it. But some systems require pumps. Not only do we offer a selection of garden hoses, rain barrels and other watering accessories, but we also sell irrigation and sprinkler system pumps. A popular choice is the Simer 2 horsepower high-capacity sprinkler pump. It's durable with its fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic housing. It has power, thanks to the heavy-duty voltage motor. It's for depths of up to 20 feet.

      We have shallow, deep and submersible well pumps for those who rely on well water instead of city water. Among the ones you'll find from Sears is one from Flotec. With 10 gallons per minute, use it for your home or farm. Service is made easy with the control box.

      Ponds and other water features add a lot of value to your landscaping. There are many pond and water feature pumps on our website because we know you like having options. One you'll want to look at is the Pond Boss, designed for waterfalls up to 15 feet. Even though it's one powerful pump, it runs quietly so you can enjoy the nature, and party guests, around you.

      Sears prides itself on providing everything our customers like you want and need for their home, lawn and garden. You'll find these pumps and others (including gas-powered pumps) plus pump accessories. Whether you are looking for lawn and garden accessories or a way to keep your water running, trust Sears to get you the pieces you need.