dont buy a ratchet ratchet. buy a quality ratchet Flex head standard tear drop metrixc SAE Phillips Torx

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      Increase efficiency and reduce fatigue with ratchet sets

      Ratchet sets for general purposes come with one or more handles and a variety of sockets. Most of the handles have drives from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch and a teardrop profile. Sets come with standard sockets, metric sockets or both. Ratchet sets from Craftsman, Wright Tool and GearWrench are made in a range of quality levels to suit the the novice and the professional. Offset ratchet sets and flex-head sets are a good choice when you cannot rotate the tool flush with the nut. When you need more reach in the engine compartment, long-handled ratchet sets from E-Z Red and Craftsman Evolv will provide it. Where space is tight, a thin-profile ratchet set will help you get the socket on the nut.

      You can work better and more efficiently with ratcheting wrenches. Sets feature standard and metric wrenches in common sizes. Professional-grade quality is found in the Craftsman CM ratcheting wrenches. Their 12-point ratchet heads flip 180 degrees for added versatility. Most ratcheting heads have universal heads to fit nuts of any shape. Many ratcheting wrenches are reversible with a standard wrench on the opposite end. Craftsman Stubby Locking Flex ratcheting wrenches feature full-polish finishes. The shorter length and flexible head are ideal for working in tight spots.

      Socket accessories will help you get more use from your ratchet sets. Extension handles are available in all drive sizes, and they will increase your reach by up to 18 inches. An extension with a slide bar handle gives you increased leverage for breaking loose nuts. Socket adapters allow you to use sockets with drives of a different size. When you need to work at an angle, flexible adapters with pivoting heads are the answer. Socket accessories are also available for impact wrenches. These adapters and extension handles are built with high-tensile steel for strength and durability.

      You can purchase wrench sockets individually if you need to replace a socket or in sets to reduce your costs. Socket sets feature standard sockets, metric sockets or both. Deep sockets for plugs and extended reach are also available in all common sizes. Grey Pneumatic sockets are made from hardened steel to work with pneumatic and impact tools. If you need adapter sockets, you'll find them with straight or flexible heads. Specialty sockets include hex, Torx and 12-point fits.

      With our huge inventory of wrenches, sockets and accessories, you are sure to find the right items for the projects you have in mind. Affordable starter sets and professional-grade tools give you buying choices. Order from Sears today, and your tools will soon be making your work easier.


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