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Tighten any bolt with a new socket wrench

If your daughter's bike needs a tune up or the car needs some maintenance, a socket wrench will be your best friend. Having a socket set on hand will make any kind of installation or furniture assembly a snap. Bolts are a standard fastener for a wide variety of projects and items around the home. A comprehensive set of sockets can handle any bolt.

Not every fastener is going to be a perfect hex bolt. They can be stripped and damaged from previous uses, abnormal shapes or other factors. These cases call for a universal socket set. A universal socket wrench is built to grip nearly any shape and turn it successfully. A standard socket will have difficulty with pieces that have seen better days, but universal sockets will have them turning like new. Sears carries universal sets from Craftsman that can handle the toughest tasks.

Whether you're an amateur mechanic or building a new swing set for the little ones, a quality socket wrench will help finish a variety of different tasks. A comprehensive standard or universal socket set will ensure that no job goes unfinished. Get these and all the wrenches you need at Sears.

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