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      Always have the right size socket with socket sets

      Socket sets are a great way to ensure that you'll have the right size for every nut or bolt. We have hundreds of sets for manual wrenches and impact wrenches in all common drive sizes. If you plan to use tools for occasional repairs and assembly, an affordable set from Craftsman or SK Tools might suffice. If you need workhorse tools, then choosing one of our professional-grade socket sets from Craftsman Pro, Stanley Proto or Sunex International will be a good long-term choice. Your options include sets with metric sockets, standard sockets or both. The Craftsman Easy to Read sockets feature large letters, so you'll quickly spot the socket you want. Sets with deep sockets, flexible handles or extension handles for better reach are just a few of the specialty socket sets available.

      We've got a huge selection of wrench sets, so we'll have the exact set you need. Most are reversible wrenches to give you options in every size. Choose sets with standard and/or metric wrenches that come with the range of sizes you need for the work you do. Adjustable crescent wrench sets are an affordable way to cover many sizes with just a few tools. Specialty wrench sets include ratcheting wrenches, offset wrenches and adjustable crowfoot wrenches. Some wrench sets come with a mountable rack to keep the tools in easy reach of your bench.

      Ratchet sets cut down on hand fatigue and make work easier where space doesn't allow a full rotation. You can shop our hundreds of sets by brand, ratchet style or other feature to find exactly what you want. Small sets have either standard or metric sockets; large sets have both. Most ratchet sets have a single drive, from 1/4 in. to 3/4 in. and matching sockets. Many have adapters, so you can use the same handle with sockets of a different drive size. Your options include teardrop, offset and thin profiles. Adjustable-head ratchet sets allow you to do the work at an angle where space is limited.

      A handful of the right socket accessories will expand the workload of your ratchet wrenches. A set of extension bars give you greater reach under the hood. If you don't want to buy another handle, socket adapters make it possible to use drives and sockets with different drive sizes. When you need to approach a nut head on, a spinner handle will prove useful. All of these socket accessories are available for impact wrenches from Grey Pneumatic, Apex Tools and other quality brands.

      When it comes down to nuts and bolts, Sears has a great selection of quality tools for loosening and tightening. Put ratchets and wrenches from Sears to work, and you'll discover what a great set of tools can do for you.


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