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Ratchets & Sockets

Have right size with sets of ratchet sockets

Since nuts and bolts are made in more than 30 standard or metric sizes, having a large set of ratchet sockets will ensure you've got the tool for each turn. Affordable sets from SK Tools and Wright Tool are useful for occasional repairs at home or in the garage. A quality set from Craftsman, Sunex or GearWrench will have the durability and performance you want at work. Craftsman Easy to Read ratchet sockets are made for manual and impact tools. They feature large, white lettering against a dark oxide finish or dark lettering on bright chrome. Swivel ratchet sockets give you the ability to work at an angle where space is limited. Multi ratchet tools, called dogbone ratchets too, have six different ratchet sockets in one convenient handle.

We also carry more than ten wrench types. An open-end wrench set with two sizes of head on each tool is an affordable way to start. Combination sets featuring an open-end and box wrench on each handle are popular with mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts. Ratcheting and non-ratcheting combination sets give you performance and price options. When working on soft plumbing and HVAC fittings, flare wrenches reduce slips and rounding. For breaking loose rusted pipes and fittings, beefy pipe wrenches with long handles and adjustable jaws are ideal. We carry beam, manual and electronic torque wrenches that deliver a high degree of accuracy. Other popular wrench types you'll find from Craftsman Pro, Stanley Proto and other top brands include box, angle and ratchet wrenches.

If you're looking for a great gift for birthdays, Father's Day or graduation, how about personalized ratchet sets? You can also use them to thank a favorite mechanic or recognize the achievements of an employee. The ratchet handles can be engraved or stamped with names, initials or a note of thanks. Another options is to affix an attractive name plate to the wrench case. With hundreds of sets available, you can choose the ratchet type the person uses most made by their favorite brand.

Standard sockets aren't the only type we carry. Driver sockets with slotted or Phillips bits give you greater leverage than a screwdriver can provide. The Craftsman 42-Piece Hex and Torx bit includes sockets of every size, standard and metric, along with long bits for easy reach. Adapter sockets add versatility to your ratchets by making them useable with sockets with drive sizes that are larger or smaller.

Wrenches from Sears help you make the right turn every time. With our enormous selection, you'll always find exactly what you want. Choose Sears for wrenches you can depend on to maximize your productivity at home or on the job.