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      Work better and faster with band saw blades

      A new band saw blade will speed up your cutting as well as make cuts cleaner and more precise. Whether you're using your saw as a cut-off tool or crafting fine designs with it, Sears has the replacement band saw blades you need. Standard carbon steel band saw blades are the most affordable and suitable for those who use their band saw only occasionally. Bi-metal blades feature a steel band and teeth made from an alloy of steel and vanadium to improve durability and prevent dulling. Blades with carbide-tipped teeth stay sharp longest, so they're a good choice for the serious woodworker. Those with aggressive rakes are used for ripping wood, using straight cuts. Band saw blades with a greater number of finer teeth are ideal for making complex, curving cuts. We have the right blade for your saw from Craftsman, Powertec and other top brands.

      You've got several choices when you need a cut-off tool, and they each have their own blades. If you use a drill or a driver, abrasive cut off saw blades from Ivy Classic and Vulcan will do the job. These inexpensive blades adhere to a disc backed by a driver bit. The blades can handle most materials including metals and plastic. If you use a multifunction tool, we have blade kits from Craftsman and Oshlun that cut most nonmetal materials. If you're cutting concrete or asphalt, then tough circular saw blades tipped with diamond or carbide from Gilatools or DeWalt make great cut off saw blades.

      Woodworkers make recessed cuts called dados for inserting shelving in cabinetry or joining wood in furniture-making. Dado blades come in two varieties, and we have a great selection of both. Dado blade kits feature outside blades to form the edges and inside blades to remove the wood material. These are often called stacked dado blades. Kits have up to 12 blades to give you enough interior blades for the width of the dado you plan to make. Single, adjustable dado blades cut the groove by wobbling side to side. We carry a variety of single blades in the right diameter for your saw.

      Jig saws are versatile tools, and jig saw blades are made in different styles for different purposes. The selection at Sears includes fine-toothed, precision cutting blades for woodworking, multipurpose blades for wood and drywall, and hardened blades to cut PVC and metals. You can buy single blades or a pack of blades. Packs containing one type of blade and those with several types of blades are available.

      Fresh blades keep all your power saws performing as they should. We have all the blades you need at very competitive prices. Stock up on power saw blades from Sears, and you'll always have a replacement on hand.


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