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      Multifunction tool blades work best with oscillating multi-tools

      With an oscillating multi-tool, you can cut through almost any material as long as you have the right multifunctional tool blades. Sears offers a variety of tool blades from Craftsman and Fein to use with your name brand multi-tool. While a rough-cut saw blade lets you cut through wood and plastic, a Craftsman carbide circular blade helps you remove grout and cut through concrete. We also have scraper blades for removing paint or plunge blades for cutting through nails, wood and drywall.

      Along with tool blades, you can find hundreds of power tool accessories for your woodworking and metalworking tools. Choose from lathe and planer accessories like pen turning sets and cutter bits, and opt for additional Lithium-ion batteries for use with all of your 19.2-volt cordless power tools. Smooth your wood surfaces with Craftsman sandpaper and abrasives, and gain a precise and steady hand with a drill guide for your cordless or corded power drill. Whether you want router bits or chuck keys and motors, we have all of the accessories you need for your name brand power tools.

      A band saw also comes in handy if you enjoy woodworking or metalworking, and its continuous blade provides a consistent speed for cutting straight lines and irregular shapes. Unlike thicker circular saw blades, a band saw blade breaks easily because of its thin material. Stock up on Craftsman and Husqvarna band saw blades to prevent a broken saw blade from halting your project. Like other saw blades, a band saw blade comes in a variety of saw-tooth angles for cutting through wood, metal and plastic.

      In your woodworking shop, you need a scroll saw for cutting intricate lines and for following complex pattern templates. The scroll saw works similarly to a band saw, but it uses a vertical reciprocating cutting motion. Just like the band saw, you need additional scroll saw blades for backup in case a blade breaks during a cut. Blades also wear down over time and don't cut as sharply as they once did. Craftsman features assorted packs of scroll saw blades that cut through wood, plastic and veneer. When your jigsaw can't cut the design you want, invest in a scroll saw and blades that stand up to the toughest angles.

      Invest in multifunctional tool blades to improve your oscillating tool's functionality in the workshop. Keep replacement band saw and scroll saw blades on hand in case they break during intricate cuts, and stock your tool chests with the power tool accessories you need for metalworking and woodworking. Shop Sears online when you need durable tool blades for all of your name brand power saws.


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