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Make precise cuts with tile saw blades

Tile saws are hardworking tools that need a sharp blade to be effective. We have rugged replacement tile saw blades from DeWalt, Felker and Evolution. They are available in all common sizes to fit your saw and the demands of the job. Most feature a carbide or diamond edge for powering through ceramic and porcelain tile, brick veneer and masonry. Many tile saw blades can be used wet when you're adding water to cool the blade and surface. Other tile-cutting options include cut-off wheels for use with a rotary tool and tile nippers with standard or compound operation.

When cutting tile, tool safety is important. We carry eye protection including goggles and glasses. Some safety glasses are outfitted with a light for working in dark locations. Blue lenses cut down on glare when you are working outdoors and they protect your eyes when you are welding or using a torch. Ear plugs come in disposable and reusable types, and ear muffs offer the best protection for your hearing when you are working in a noisy environment. Gloves are essential equipment for keeping a grip on tools and ladders, and they protect your hands when working on engines, sheet metal and other sharp objects. Dust masks and particulate respirators will help you breathe easier while you sand wood floors, drywall and other dusty surfaces. Kneepads, emergency breathing devices and orange pylons are just a few more of the hundreds of tool safety products available at Sears.

Cut off saw blades are handy to have on any job site. These disposable discs from Ivy Classic and other brands work with any drill or driver, corded or cordless. They have the edge to cut through steel pipe, reinforcement rod and bar, and anything else that needs to be removed. They're ideal for tile and masonry too. Cut off saw blades are available in various diameters including compact sizes for working where space is tight.

A multifunction tool comes in handy for grinding, cutting and many other tough tasks. Having the right multifunction tool blades for each type of work is essential to your success. High carbon steel, or HCS, blades from Oshlun or Fein make plunge and flush cuts on all nonmetal materials including wood, plastic and fiberglass. We offer multifunction tool blades in sets that include multiples of the same blade or a range of blades to meet different challenges.

High quality, affordable replacement blades from Sears keep your tools performing effectively every day on the job. When you stock up on blades, the work can continue when one needs to be changed. Choose Sears for the blades you need at prices you'll love.


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