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      Home Tool Sets To Tackle Any Project

      Keeping a home in good working order can be challenging. Make sure you're ready for surprise maintenance and repair tasks by using a home tool set from Sears.

      You'll find all the commonly needed home tools in a Craftsman home tool set. Craftsman's Evolv line includes a hammer, an assortment of screwdrivers and pliers, a level and a tape measure. Larger Evolv kits also include allen wrenches and a ratchet wrench set. You'll have no trouble finding them as you work their lime green accents are easy to see.

      If you'd like to put some power behind your tools, try a cordless project kit. Basic kits include a cordless drill along with manual tools like wrenches and pliers. Screwdriver bits and grinding wheels allow you to use the drill for many tasks. If you want even more cordless ability, choose a set that features an assortment of power tools.

      When you need to keep your tool set separate from someone else's in your home, try getting some Olympia home tool sets. These sets come in different colors, so it's always easy to tell whose set they came from. Not only that, they have matching carrying bags so you don't even have to open the case to tell which set you're looking at. These sets include a hammer, pliers, screwdriver bits and driver handle, allen wrenches, goggles and other commonly-used home tools.

      Whether you need a basic tool set or one with enhancements, you're sure to find it at Sears. Order today and you'll have your new equipment in just a few days.


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