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You Can't Go Wrong With Mechanics' Tool Sets From Sears

Selecting mechanic tools is the same as selecting any other valued possession you plan to keep for life. Dependability, durability and affordability are the qualities you want when choosing the right tools to buy. That's why shopping for mechanic tools at is the smart thing to do. Choose from our broad line of Craftsman mechanics tool sets with many options in the 200-300 tool range up to 1,000 pieces.

We have tool sets for weekend mechanics fixing old Ford F-150s and for professional mechanics that depend on their tools to earn a living. Make sure you get the tool set that fits your needs. There's no guessing required when shopping for mechanic tools on The tools included with each set are conveniently listed for easy comparison.

Of course, when it comes to dependability, durability, and affordability, there's nothing that tops the legendary reputation of Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. Today, Craftsman tools are the best made ever. And, they're at prices agreeable to even the tightest family budget. Work with confidence because you simply can't beat the Craftsman warranty. Your tools are guaranteed for life. Just return the tool. It will be replaced for free.

Mechanic work is easier when you have the right Craftsman tools. Mechanic work is also dirty, grimy work. That's why you want to outfit yourself with Craftsman work wear with Teflon. Spare your regular apparel from unwanted grit and grime. You win because you can work worry-free of ruining your street attire. And, your Craftsman work wear requires infrequent washing because the durable Teflon fabric protector repels liquids and oils.

Your Craftsman tools will last a lifetime. So, why not personalize your tool set? Personalizing is a terrific way to show pride of ownership and to identify your tools when the need comes up. Personalized socket wrench sets are popular with professionals and weekenders alike who cherish their tools as much as they enjoy their work. Two lines of engraving can hold up to 12 characters on each line.

In addition to mechanic tool sets, we have tools for every possible task imaginable. Don't get caught short-handed when sudden emergency home repairs come up unexpectedly. A Craftsman Home Tool Kit contains all the typical tools required for home repairs and maintenance. Check out the Evolve tool kits. Their stunning lime green accents can't be missed even in the most cluttered tool box.

Order your new tool kit online today. We'll deliver it to your door in a hurry. If you're in a super rush, use the store pickup and delivery locator. Tell us where you are. We'll tell you what's available at Sears stores close to you.

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