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      Woodworking & Carpenters Tools Sets

      Getting into the middle of a project only to realize you don't have the right size or type of bit is maddening. Take out the guesswork by getting our woodworking and carpenters tools sets. We have everything from work benches down to single drill bits to ensure that, whether you're looking to start a new collection or complete the one you already have, you'll walk away with everything you need to get the job done. Grab a dorm-ready tool kit to send with your college freshman, or find a knife set to give you the precision you need for any job, big or small.

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      Carpenters' tools sets provide everything you need all at once and save you money

      Try writing a note without a pen or pencil. Yes, you have other options, such as crayons and markers, but it's not going to turn out well. We can apply that principle to woodworking. Yes, there are several ways to accomplish a set task, but it's best if you have the right tools for the job. (Imagine trying to build a staircase without stair components such as step stringers or working on your pipes without plumb bobs.) If you're a beginning woodworker, take a look at the various carpenter's tool sets Sears has to offer right here at your fingertips. Based on the tool set you purchase, you'll have everything you need for a certain task.

      One options is the Kreg jig set. A jig holds the piece you're working on in place while you complete a task, such as sawing, gluing, drilling and more. It's perfect when you have a lot of repetitious work to do, such as drilling holes in two pieces of wood that you'll later use to create the sides of a bookshelf. With a jig, you can rest assured knowing that the holes on both sides of the bookshelf will be in the exact same location, which means straight and level shelves for the books, DVDs and more. A jig, then, is an object that will make certain woodworking tasks easier, quicker and safer. There are some basic jigs: circular cutting jigs, framing jigs, featherboards, routing jigs and circular saw jigs. You'll use a circular cutting jig to make sure that any circular wood piece is perfectly round, such as a lazy Susan. A framing jig will help you make sure pieces of a frame (whether that be a homemade picture frame or the frame for a cabinet door) are at right angles. For safety, use a featherboard (a small piece of wood) to feed a piece of wood across a saw. It's especially helpful with narrow strips of lumber. When you have an elaborate design and need to use a router, a router jig will come in handy. It'll help you position the router precisely on the wood or serve as a template to create intricate cuts on several different pieces of wood. If you don't have a table saw, you'll want a circular saw jig. You'll be able to use a handheld circular saw just like you would a table saw. In addition, you can create your own jigs.

      When using jigs, you'll also need some jig accessory tools. That's where the Kreg jig set comes in. It comes with a number of tools: solid clamp, large clamping recess, material support stop, removable three-hole drill guide and dust-collection attachment. A separate Kreg kit comes with a face clamp, portable base, jig screws, right angle clamp, screw selector wheel and more. Millwork tools are important for a woodworker. Sears offers several kits and sets on our site to save you the time of figuring out everything you need for a certain task. For example, we have mechanics' tool sets, home tool sets and more. Regardless of the set you buy, you'll save money. Sears thinks of everything you need so you don't have to.


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