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      Start Storage Right with Bottom Rollaway Tools Chests

      Bottom rollaway chests from Sears form a great foundation for your tool storage. These well-built cabinets feature lockable wheels for easy moving and stability. Widths range from 26 in. to 75 in., and most are 34 in. high. The number of drawers you need will depend on what you plan to store. Some have fewer but larger drawers, which are good for tools and equipment. Others feature more drawers with less height, which are useful for small tools, parts and fasteners. Wide bottom rollaway tool chests have two or three columns of drawers for convenience. You've got color options that both guys and gals will love. Color finishes are produced by tough powder coatings that resist scratches and corrosion. Stainless steel or titanium-finished chests deliver an upscale look to your garage or at work.

      Middle tool chests come in the same great colors from Craftsman, Viper Tool and Homak. Called intermediate chests or mid chests by some manufacturers, these chests sit on top of rollaway chests and don't have lids. They're designed to have a top chest or second middle chest stacked on them. Sturdy drawers open and close smoothly with ball-bearing slides that are very durable. Middle chests are lockable to keep your tools safe.

      When you need to expand your tool storage and you have the floor space, side chests are a great choice. Chests with wheels are ideal for those who move their tools around a large work space like a factory floor. Most side tool chests feature drawers of various sizes to give you efficient storage for all your tools and equipment. Some side chests have a cabinet door and shelves or a combination of shelves and drawers. These are also known as side lockers. All side chests offer the same quality, colors and features that bottom and middle chests provide.

      You can complete your tool storage tower with top chests from Sears. They feature drawers below and a larger compartment above that gives you room for larger tools and those you want to keep handy. Top tool chests are produced in a range of widths to perfectly fit your bottom and middle chests. Very wide top chests have two columns of drawers, though most have just one lid. A single lock on the lid keeps all the drawers secured. Traditional red and black are popular, but you may prefer blue, stainless steel or even pink.

      With so many options, it's easy to put together your own combination of chests. You'll have storage customized to your work space and your tools. Build your tool storage tower today with great tool chests from Craftsman and other leading brands.


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