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      Improve Worker Production with Jobsite Storage of Tools

      Jobsite storage contributes to your ability to perform and is an important tool to have available. Portable units can travel with you; larger units may have recessed and concealed locks that help prevent forced entry and theft. Tools are essential for getting jobs done and meeting time schedules for work completion. They should be stored in an organized manner and in a minimum amount of space. In addition to racks, bins and boxes, you need other protective tool storage devices like hand tool belts and pouches. Hand tool belts allow workers to keep their favorite equipment secure and ready when needed. Leather belts are tough and durable while our nylon belts are lightweight but strong. We have many specialty tool belts, like our Craftsman reinforced framer's rig or an 11-pocket suede carpenter's apron. Small pouches hook onto your workman's belt to hold tape measures, knives and smaller individual tools.

      While hand tool belts and pouches are fine for individual workers to use at the jobsite, it is nice to have bigger, portable tool carriers in order to transport larger tools and multiple items to wherever they are needed most by a group of workers. Larger soft-sided tool bags can carry bigger tools and may have inside or outside pockets and snaps to hold smaller gear. Hard cases feature interior padding that keeps tools securely in place for transport. For heavier loads, consider a tool carrier on wheels with a telescoping handle. Duffle bag-style tool carriers have strong handles for transporting heavy equipment. Some of our tool carriers also include complete tool sets.

      The ultimate in jobsite tool storage is provided by tool carts. With their many shelves or pockets, these heavy-duty carts can hold any number of tools and parts for easy access. Most are wheeled, but a standard chest can also be put up onto a truck or dolly for easy transport around a worksite. Parts organizers are available that have multiple containers for smaller items and tools. Labeled drawer chests are the best way to store small items like screws, nails or bolts. Waterloo Industries has a large variety of full-size tool carts with multiple storage drawers. A good tool cart gives everyone quick and easy access to the equipment they need. They are an ideal solution to cut down on clutter in the workspace and help prevent the misplacement or loss of tools. Another version of tool carts are Rubbermaid units that have trays, bins and drawers to make jobsite cleanup simple to do. It's a wise investment to make; shopping at Sears also guarantees that you will find affordable pricing.

      When you need tools, parts or jobsite storage for your tools, you can rely on Sears to have a wide selection of possibilities to consider. From hand tool belts and pouches to large tool organizers on wheels, we have high quality tool storage choices at affordable pricing. Making improvements at home or work starts with shopping at Sears. Use our fast delivery service or pick up orders at any Sears location.


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