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      Your tool box organizes blades and tools

      The tool box is the primary storage location for smaller hand tools and the parts that fit them. Opt for a portable storage solution when you take the tools on job sites. This type of tool box is also a good investment if you simply want to enjoy the ease of moving them from the garage to any part of your property where there is work to be done. Investing in a multi-drawer chest further assists in the organized storage of even the smallest tools and their accessories.

      For example, a three-drawer metal tool box offers a top compartment for larger hammers and saws while it provides storage for saw blades and wrenches in the drawers. Some boxes feature a lift-out insert that lets you place nails and screws into a compartment you can easily carry to the location where you need them the most. The larger tools remain inside the box for easy transport. Smaller versions of these boxes are good solutions for the tools you might need to fix your car or truck while stuck on the side of the road.

      If you keep tool blades on hand, proper storage protects them against bending. Whether you are dealing with jigsaw blades, scroll saw blades or keep a number of multifunction tool blades on hand, store them flat in a drawer for best results. Not only does this keep them out of the way and therefore prevents the accidental cutting of your fingers as you reach inside a tool box for a hammer or saw, but it also ensures that you have replacement blades on hand right when you need them. Stay safe on the job and avoid the frustration of having to make a quick trip to the hardware store for replacement parts in the middle of a task.

      The best types of storage solutions for these blades are middle tool chests. They greatly increase the available storage of your tool box setup and offer a dedicated storage locale for the blades you keep on hand. Some of these chests feature a lock option, which protects against theft but also the hands of children who may enter your garage or workshop. Keeping sharp blades under lock and key is probably the best solution for your and your loved ones' safety.

      If you anticipate working at a job site for a prolonged period, use one of the many available hand tool belts to keep your much-needed tools handy. Craftsman is the brand frequently associated with this type of tool storage solution. Specialty belts appeal to carpenters and electricians. The sizing of their pouches varies, which accommodates the different types of tools and accessories you want to keep on hand.

      Sears carries a wide variety of tool boxes, chests, replacement blades and tool belts. Choose a judicious combination of these items to make tool storage, the availability of accessories and the convenient use of the tools on job sites a snap. Buy these items today and enjoy a collection of well-organized tools in your workshop tonight.


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