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Find fine sets of hand tool belts

When you are choosing tool storage equipment, you have to consider several factors. These elements include accessibility, construction, security features and portability. Different forms of storage serve different purposes. From small carry-along boxes and pouches to storage belts and full-chest combos, Sears has the right storage for your tools. With unlimited organization options, you can also assemble your own custom toolbox.

Tool belts can ease the work process for anyone. Hand tool belts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. The sheer variety available means you will need to consider which belt will best fit the job. A framer's tool belt like the Craftsman Heavy-Duty PVC Reinforced Framers Rig includes suspenders to support the extra weight of larger tools and numerous pockets to carry everything you need on the job or for your home project. Similar tool holders are not just tool belts; they serve as personal assistants. With your tools by your side and your hands free, you can work safely and efficiently without needing to take numerous trips to collect different tools. Simply keep frequently used tools on the same side as your dominant hand.

The Craftsman Heavy-Duty Electrician's Pouch, designed with special clasps to hold roles of electrical tape, a cellphone holder, an easy carrying handle and an adjustable belt, may also serve your purposes. However, if you are simply looking for a tool belt to make those small repair jobs at home a little easier, the Craftsman Carpenter Rig is a practical choice. The tool belt features plenty of pockets for your hand tools, nails, screws and other fasteners. The reinforced contractor grade fabric will not wear down over time. This tool belt also features a specified tape measure pocket to save room in the other five major pockets.

If you work in a garage as either a wood worker or a mechanic, tool carts can be a better option. With carts, you have the ease of mobility without needing to carry the heavy load of tools around with you. These carts come in different sizes and designs as well. You can get a single-level cart or one that has drawers or multiple levels. If you just conduct regular oil changes or tune-ups on your personal vehicles, a cart model like the Sunex Service Cart with Locking Top and Drawer is an ideal choice. This tool cart features two separate levels and a single drawer. You will have ample room for your mechanics tools. Your tools falling off while moving will not be a concern: It features high-sides to keep your tools secure when transporting from one side of your garage to the other.

If auto repair is more of a profession for you, a tool cart might not have enough storage room. In this case, tool chest combos are a more convenient way to keep your tools secure and organized. The Craftsman 22-drawer 40-inch Combo has plenty of room for every tool you could need in the auto repair industry. This tool chest features three different sections and large rubber wheels for easy transport around your garage or shop. Ultimately, it comes down to efficiency. Choosing the right tool transport or carry-on will enable you to do your job better.

Nothing is more annoying than disorganized or inaccessible tools when you are trying to complete your masterpiece. We offer tool storage and tool storage accessories to make completing your project a little easier. Whether it is a tool belt, cart or tool chest, Sears has the storage options you need. Shop Sears today to keep your tools safe, handy and secure!

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