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Look to tool carriers as your tool storage solution when away from home. If you are going to visit your folks and plan to do some repairs while there, these carriers allow you to bring along most of the tools you are going to need. Whether you intend to tackle the crumbling masonry or hope to fix a wooden fence, keep saws, hammers and drills handy. Once there, smaller hand tool belts offer additional convenient storage solutions. There is no need to keep running back and forth to the tool carrier when you can keep a hammer, pliers and some nails on your person. With the assistance of a specialty belt or apron, these types of tools and accessories are handy at all times. Go ahead; become the do-it-yourself hero of the family!

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Transport your tools easily with tool carriers from Sears

Tool carriers give you a lightweight alternative to bulky toolboxes, and they keep your tools organized neatly within the pockets. Sears provides a full inventory of tool carriers and bags from Craftsman and Westward for transporting your most-used tools with you to and from the job site. As an example, the Craftsman Bolt-On tool bag has individual sections for organizing your Bolt-On tools and accessories such as cordless drills and saw blades. We also have electricians' tote bags and all-weather bags that feature flexible construction, durable handles and up to 22 pockets.

If you have to leave your tools on the job site, then store your tools and supplies in job site storage boxes from Craftsman and Quantum. Job site containers feature all-weather construction and locks for protecting your tools overnight. A Craftsman 48-inch job site storage box stores up to 140 pounds of tools, and its top lid stays open to prevent closure as you insert and remove the supplies. Tool storage boxes also feature heavy-duty steel construction that holds up to the elements and the abuse of the construction site.

Back in the garage, use middle chests to organize smaller tools and supplies like screwdrivers and router bits. Some middle chests hold up to 1,000 pounds and fit conveniently between a rollaway chest and a top chest. A middle chest features ball-bearing drawers that reduce friction as you open and close them. Craftsman 26-inch-wide GRIPLATCH middle chests feature all-steel construction and a keyed internal locking system for securing your tools and accessories. Some middle chests come preassembled, so you can skip the assembly and start reducing clutter on your workbench right away.

Like tool carriers, tool carts help with transporting your tools and supplies from one point to another. The carts feature durable casters that support heavy tool loads, and some include drawers for organizing your most used bits, saw blades and smaller tools. A Craftsman 3-drawer utility cart features GRIPLATCH technology, which securely latches the drawers and prevents them from opening during transport. Just lift up on any part of the drawer to release it, and then slide it open to insert or remove your tools. Carts like the Sunex 5-drawer service cart feature five drawers, a top compartment and a side shelf for holding all of the tools you need for a job in the workshop.

You can carry your tools with ease if you have a tool carrier with shoulder straps. Transport your tools and supplies on durable tool carts with casters, and organize your workspace with middle tool chests. Come to Sears for an affordable inventory of storage supplies and accessories for the garage and on-site.

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