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      Transport your tools easily with tool carts from Sears

      Using tool carts in the garage saves you time and a backache since you can haul more tools at once. Sears has name brand tool carts from Craftsman and Waterloo that feature individual drawers and shelves for storing and organizing your tools and accessories. A Craftsman 2-drawer cart features an additional side shelf for placing your tools within reach, and a Waterloo 3-drawer utility cart supports up to 50 pounds on its heavy-duty casters.

      When you have a tool cart, you can store smaller tools and accessories like router bits in the drawers. Whether you need individual Roman ogee bits or a Craftsman 30-piece router bit set in a wooden storage case, we have replacement bits for your corded and cordless power routers. You also have access to tongue-and-groove bits for creating cuts in wood and joining them together seamlessly. Chamfer the wood's edges with a Craftsman raiser-bevel bit, and level the sides with an extra-long shank bit. Whether you have a professional workshop or you enjoy woodworking at home, you can find a variety of bits to fit your fixed and plunge routers.

      Like tool carts with drawers, a top chest features interior storage space and individual drawers for storing smaller tools, router bits and accessories. Choose from 5- and 10-drawer top chests with durable construction and built-in side handles for transporting the chests wherever you need them. Place a Craftsman 5-drawer top chest on a rollaway chest to increase your storage capacity in the garage, or carry it in the bed of your truck to use as a mobile storage center for all of your tools. Top chests also feature ball-bearing drawer slides that provide a smooth motion when you open and close them.

      Truck toolboxes come in handy for storing and transporting your tools to the job site. With a Craftsman single-lid truck box, you protect your tools from moisture and dust thanks to its weather-stripped outer shell. A full-size truck toolbox rests on the side rails of the truck, maximizing the storage space and giving you quick access to your most-used tools. You also have access to top-mount and wheel well toolboxes that feature dividers for organizing your tools and accessories. If you have a trailer attached to the truck, consider a Delta trailer tongue box. It installs easily on the trailer and has a deep interior for hauling small and large tools.

      Tool carts let you haul multiple tools at once, and some include drawers for storing individual tools and supplies like router bits. Invest in a top chest with 10 drawers for organizing your workshop and reducing clutter on your workbench. Look to Sears when you want affordable truck toolboxes and tool storage containers for your in-home or on-site workshop.


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