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      Improve your workspace with tool storage accessories

      Even if you have rollaway chests and toolboxes in your workshop, you could always use tool storage accessories to increase your organizational space. Sears has hundreds of storage accessories in stock to accommodate most name brand tool storage boxes and project centers. Keep your screwdrivers and wrenches from sliding with a non-slip drawer liner from Craftsman, and organize your small tools and individual screws and bolts with a drawer tray organizer. A plastic side shelf attaches conveniently to your tool chest, giving you added space for tools and accessories.

      Decrease clutter in your workspace, and organize your power tools and accessories in tool chest combos from Craftsman and Viper Tool Storage. Some combos come preassembled, so you can start organizing your tools the moment you place your chest in the garage. A tool chest combo features a rollaway chest with a convenient top chest for more storage space. The heavy-duty casters make it easy to transport your tools to different locations in the workshop, and the multiple drawers give you plenty of space to store smaller tools and an assortment of bits and blades.

      With a single top chest, you can organize your most important tools and keep them within reach of your worktable. While top chests fit conveniently on rollaway chests and workbenches, they also have built-in handles so that you can carry them anywhere in the garage or on the job site. Craftsman top chests feature durable lids that close tightly to prevent tools from falling out during transport. In addition to the interior storage space, a top chest has drawers that you can use to organize smaller handheld tools, packs of screws and individual blades for reciprocating saws.

      Truck toolboxes come in handy for organizing and transporting your tools to and from the job site. Choose from popular name brands like Tradesman and Craftsman, which features the full-size aluminum truck box with a weather-stripped outer shell that prevents moisture and debris from damaging your tools. The International Handyman utility box fits conveniently next to the cab and features enough cargo space for large woodworking and metalworking tools. Combine a Craftsman Road Chest and a Delta wheel well box for the ultimate storage space for hauling your tools and accessories to the job.

      Tool storage accessories like non-slip liners and foam padding keep your tools organized neatly in the drawers. Top chests fit conveniently on rollaway chests and feature individual drawers for storing smaller tools and accessories. Tool chest combos give you even more storage space to reduce clutter in your workshop, and truck toolboxes give you a place to haul your tools without damaging your truck bed. Shop Sears online for an even bigger selection of heavy-duty storage chests and name brand toolboxes for your truck and workshop.


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