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      Plasma Cutters & Accessories

      When shopping for plasma cutters, look for the models that come with a latch feature. By letting you keep the torch switch activated, you have the option of creating a consistently active cutting arc. Of course, it does not hurt if the cutters also come with ergonomic handles and standoff cutting as well as drag cutting modes. Do not forget to check out the welding torches. Whether you are thinking of adding a self-igniting butane micro torch or a standard propane torch to your tool chest, Sears has what you need.

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      Cut steel with plasma cutters

      Plasma cutters allow you to cut through metal cleanly without warping the area around the edge. The technology uses a plasma torch that combines a gas, or compressed air, and an electrical arc. The torch burns bright like an arc welder, so you will need welding helmets or the equivalent when working with these cutters. Sears carries a wide range of products for both professional and household needs.

      At the high end, the Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i 230-Volt Plasma Cutter is an industrial strength device with 240-volt power outlet and more than 8,000 watts of output. The engine can produce enough cutting power to handle 3/8" to 5/8" steel. The Hobart plasma cutter has special design features for working in harsh environments with a 35-percent duty cycle rating for temperatures of 104 degrees F. A post-flow cooling system cools the torch after each session for a longer service life of the replaceable electrode and torch tip.

      A more affordable and highly rated option is the Simadre 40 Amp 110V/220V Plasma Cutter. Weighing 280 lbs., this powerful device uses feedback control and other technologies for optimal performance. The wide voltage range allows the Simadre plasma cutter to adapt to different power grids. You can cut stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals with this device. For example, it is great for cutting steel posts for fencing. Other features of this plasma cutter include pressure regulator, electric starter and built-in carry handle. The product ships fully assembled.

      The Everlast PU250P PowerUltra Multi-Process Unit is great for portable repair jobs. The unit has a compact design for easy storage in your vehicle. You can choose between TIG and plasma operations, and it is easy to change from one to the other while you are working. The cutter is power-efficient due to its inverter design, and it has a gauge for reading front air pressure. The cutter can handle steel, stainless steel and titanium.

      Sears carries the most popular brands of plasma cutters including Hobart, Simadre and Thermal Dynamics. We also offer a complete selection of welders and welding accessories. Narrow down your choices by using the filtering options in the left sidebar. You can also arrange items in order using the sorting tool just about the product listings. If you need help from one of our experts, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top right of each item page. A member of our Blue Tool Crew will be happy to assist you in finding the right products.

      Many of our items ship free, or they are available for free store pickup. If you are a member of Shop Your Way MAX, you will be eligible for awards like free two-day shipping. You can join this club for free and begin collecting points with each purchase. Shop Sears today for high quality plasma cutters that are suitable for both home and business.


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