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      Stick Welders

      Stick welders are great tools for joining together metals safely in indoor and outdoor environments. These shielded arc welders do not require gas to create smooth, strong bonds between metals like steel and aluminum. Many of our products are highly compact and have their own built-in carts so that you can move them around easily. Others are light enough to carry from spot to spot while your work. With these devices, you will be able to take on a great variety of construction, fabrication and repair jobs. Sears carries great brands like Hobart and Longevity that will add quality and capability to your welding equipment inventory.

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      Weld anywhere with our stick welders

      One of the advantages of stick welders is that they do not require gas like most TIG and MIG welders do. They can create strong bonds between metals for repair and fabrication safely in the home or at similar locations. Having a stick welder for your DIY projects is truly an advantage because they help you save money as compared to contracting work out. Sears offers excellent stick welders suitable for all applications.

      The Hobart 500544 Champion Elite 11,000-Watt Generator and AC/DC Welder sits near the top of the list as one of our most capable welder-generator combo products. You can use this device at home, or for a business or farm. The Kohler engine has six receptacles: four 120V (20 amp), one 120/240V (50 amp) and one 240V (50 amp). Each receptacle has a reset circuit breaker so that you can power multiple devices simultaneously. The Hobart stick welder measures less than 4-ft. long, and it is lighter than most competitors. You can use this device on auxiliary power allowing you to run other devices while welding. The 23hp gasoline engine is highly fuel-efficient with low maintenance requirements.

      A more economical option is the Metal Man ARC 200 Stick Welder that can handle 3/8 inch mild steel. The 230V, 200 Amp system can weld electrode sizes ranging from 1/16" to 5/32". A built-in cart provides high portability for this machine, so it is suitable for remote worksites. The welder's output ranges from 65 to 200A AC, and it has a thermal overload system for safer operation. Metal Man provides a one-year warranty with this product.

      For ultra portability, check out the Longevity stickweld160i. The 160A DC device weighs only 17 lbs., so you will not have any problem moving this welder around at your worksites. A powerful cooling fan allows you to run the stickweld160i longer than most other ARC devices. The product comes with all the operational items you will need except for welding rods. A carry handle and shoulder strap add to the exceptional portability of this device. Longevity provides a five-year parts and labor warranty with this product.

      Sears offers a great lineup of stick, MIG and TIG welders including brands like Hobart and CPS Products. If you need any help finding the tools or equipment that you need, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top right of each item page. A Blue Tool Crew member will be able to make recommendations on products that best suit your needs. Our experts can also help you find the latest special offers available. Sears routinely discounts items, and provides other deals including free shipping and interest free payments.

      Become a member of Shop Your Way MAX to collect points with each of your purchases. You can redeem these points later for awards online or at our stores. Shop at Sears today to find a special deal on quality stick welders.


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