Welder-Generator Combo

      A welder-generator combo is ideal for jobs at remote locations where you do not have access to power or to an equipment-compatible power source. A gasoline or other fuel-powered engine allows you to generate your own electricity for multiple welding torches and other devices. By using auxiliary power and multiple receptacles, you can run several items simultaneously, so these devices offer great versatility. Sears carries a large selection of welder-generator combos suitable for all types of applications. We offer the most reputable brands including Hewlett Packard, Hobart and ATE Pro USA for highly reliable welding capability in all environments.

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      Work anywhere with a welder-generator combo

      A welder-generator combo is ideal for work at remote sites that have zero or insufficient electrical power. Sears carries combos for MIG and TIG welders and for other welding options. Many of these systems have multiple outlets that allow you to simultaneously run several tools and devices. By design, these combos are compact for easy movement to work sites.

      One of our more popular products is the ATE Pro. USA Generator that delivers 3,500 watts of output. The pull start generator is CARB/EPA approved. If you need something lighter, the ATE Pro will do. USA Inverter Generator is a 110V system that outputs 1,000 Watts. You can set the generator's throttle to Eco mode for higher fuel efficiency.

      Our highest end welder-generator combo is the Hobart 500555 Champion 145 Welder/Generator w/ Recoil Start Engine & GFCI Outlets. The engine can generate up to 4,500 watts of surge power, so it is a capable backup system. You can use the 145 Amp DC welder to bond metals with up to 5/32" stick electrodes. Stick welders do not require gas, so they are safer for use inside the home and in similar settings. The 500555 Champion has four 20 amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacles that are safe for use in wet conditions. Additionally, there is one 240 VAC receptacle with a heavy-duty cover. Equipped with a 25-gallon fuel tank for longer operation, the engine also has a silencer muffler to reduce noise levels.

      DuroStar's DS4000WGE Electric Start Portable 210 Amp Welder Generator is highly portable with a built-in cart. The heavy-duty steel frame holds the engine securely for quiet operation. Rated for maximum AC output at 4,000 watts, this welder-generator combo can handle a wide range of shop, farm/ranch and construction site tasks. The engine is powerful enough to serve as a backup generator during power outages. DuroStar provides a one-year factory warranty and a 30-day MaxTool satisfaction guarantee with this product.

      Sears carries all the leading welder-generator combo brands including ATE Pro. USA, Hobart and Hewlett Packard. We also offer a wide range of other related equipment from welding accessories to soldering tools. If you are a member of Shop Your Way MAX, you can enjoy free shipping on your orders, and some items qualify for free two-day shipping. You will also collect points with each purchase that you can redeem later for awards online or at our stores. Join Shop Your Way MAX now without obligation or charge.

      If you need help finding the right welder-generator combo, click on the Blue Tool Crew link near the top right of each product page. One of our experts can quickly assess your requirements and offer possible solutions. A Blue Tool Crew expert can also direct you to our latest special deals that can include great discounts, free shipping and interest-free payment plans. Shop Sears today to find the perfect welder-generator combo for your home or business.


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