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      Plan your project with welding accessories from Sears

      Good welding accessories make an excellent addition to any toolkit. When shopping, you should plan for specific projects. Our extensive selection of tools and accessories provides everything that you need to work with any type of materials. Sears gives you an easy way to find welding tools, replacement tips and everything else you need for strong, high-quality welds.

      A good set of contact tips is an especially important accessory if you use your welder regularly. Dirty tips will dramatically reduce the quality of your welds, and even if you regularly clean your tools, you'll eventually need to replace your tips due to normal wear. Keep a good supply of high-quality contact tips in your toolbox and switch to new tips when you have trouble feeding wire through your welder. You should also switch your tips when changing gases to make welding processes easier.

      Wire is another important part of your rig. There are two main types of welding wire: flux core and solid. Flux core wire provides shielding from oxygen and moisture, allowing you to make heavy-duty welds that will stand up in high speed conditions. Many welders refer to flux core wire as self-shielding wire, since it doesn't require any shielding gases from an external MIG unit. It's a versatile, durable option for MIG welding, but most welders prefer to use solid wire with shielding gas when working indoors. Be sure to pick properly sized wire for your contact tip.

      If you use your welder in a shop, a welding cart can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. Universal carts can hold all ARC welding units, keeping them at an appropriate height while you work. A high-quality cart will also keep your MIG pliers, clamps and other tools within reach, saving you time and keeping your projects on task. Many of our carts can easily move plasma cutters and other heavy-duty tools with ease to give you the mobility that you need for larger projects.

      Sears also carries C-clamps and tool holders to organize and simplify your welding projects. Whether you're working with automotive parts or cutting through relatively thin metals, our accessories can make the job safer and easier. We even carry welder-generator combo units, which you can use to weld on site or outdoors. Generator combo units are an excellent investment if you frequently need an independent power source for your welder, and many of these products can also provide power for other tools.

      With the right welding accessories, you can cut, heat and join any metals with confidence. Shop with Sears today to outfit your rig with the latest add-ons from Craftsman, Everlast and other well-known brands.


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