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Dust can ruin your home's appearance, and it carries allergens that cause hay fever and similar reactions. Cleaning up dust requires having the right equipment running in good working condition. Sears has all the dust collection parts you will need to keep your vacuum cleaners and other systems working at optimal efficiency. Our vacuum brushes allow you to hit hard-to-reach spots without having to move heavy furniture. After using one of our dusters on your furniture, you can apply dust spray on wood, enamel and laminate to create a beautiful luster. These polishes will also help your furniture last longer, and they help cover up nicks and scratches. Find the dust collection parts you need at Sears including top brands like Domel, Jet and Eureka.

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Upgrade Your System with Dust Collection Parts and Accessories

Whether you own a dust collection system or an upright vacuum, you can find dust collection parts and accessories for your machines. Sears carries an inventory of parts such as brushes and filters for wet-dry vacs and dust collection systems. Hoses wear down over time, so install a new Jet dust collection hose to prevent leaks and maximize suction. If you want to increase air velocity in your dust collector, then invest in a smaller two-inch reducer.

Although central vacuum hoses work quietly, they use cyclonic technology to lift away dirt and debris from deep within your carpet. Central vacuum systems like the Powerstar Utopia have electronic monitoring so that you can check its performance and status at any time. Compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum system has up to five times the power of an upright. It carries the dust out of your home and into a designated receptacle. With a central vacuum system, you still have access to the same attachments and accessories that you use with your traditional vacuum.

Reduce airborne dust and particles from your home or workshop with dust collection systems. A dust collection system moves air at higher velocities, preventing dust from staying suspended in the air. If you work in a woodworking shop that flings chips and dust everywhere, then the dust collector can minimize the amount of cleanup you have to do after each project. You can even attach Powermatic dust collectors to your table saws and similar woodworking tools to prevent dust from scattering over the work area. Combined with a wet-dry vac, you have a dust-fighting combination that keeps your workspace clean.

In cramped rooms with minimal airflow, commercial fans circulate the air and keep you cool. If you need to dry paint on your walls, then place a commercial grade Airmaster fan near the area, and turn it on high. You can also find TPI industrial fans that mount to the wall and circulate the air in a small workroom or office. An 18-inch Airmaster fan circulates the air at a higher velocity, quickly drying floor polish and cooling a large workshop. Consider the GE ventilation blower to reduce the amount of fumes from chemical products in a room.

With reducers and other dust collection parts, you can upgrade your dust collector and maximize its performance. Invest in central vacuum systems that work quieter than traditional upright vacuums, and use a dust collection system to remove dust and chips from the workspace. Shop Sears for more name brand floor care products and tools for your home or the workshop.


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