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Cleaning dust can get you down unless you have the right equipment for the job. With the latest dust collection systems, you can handle cleaning quicker and easier than ever. Sears carries sophisticated dust collectors ranging from centralized systems to small canister vacuums. The newest products are lighter and more maneuverable than older equipment, so you can finish up jobs with less effort. Canister vacuums are particularly easy to use because you do not have to push and pull everything along with you. Our central vacuum systems are great if you're an allergy sufferer as they take all the dust and allergens out of the living space. Sears has industry leading dust collection systems to make your life easier including brands like Rikon, Ideal and Zephyr.

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Dust can build up in your home quickly without routine cleaning. Sears carries a wide selection of dust collection systems that range from a simple whisk and dustpan to industrial-strength collectors. Our lineup will allow you to handle all types of dust jobs for your home or business. Dust can be a significant problem in some regions, such as desert environments. Accumulations of dust carry allergens and can lead to problems with mold and mildew.

Sears offers items as simple as a two-piece hand broom and dustpan for disposing of dust after sweeping. Our Boston Warehouse Skunk Duster will help you handle sofas, tables and other furniture. For solid surfaces, you can use furniture polish like Colgate Murphy Oil Soap, which mixes with water to beautify wood, enamel and laminate. Old English Dark Scratch from Rickitt Benckiser utilizes a special formula that polishes and helps hide scratches on dark wood surfaces such as mahogany and ebony.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you need an industrial-strength dust collections system, check out our Powermatic 1792071K. The system is suitable for businesses and for home garages used for heavy-duty shop type work. The dust collector can handle debris from most woodworking machines including table saws and sanders. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, the Powermatic works automatically using airflow and filters to collect dust. You can program it for 99 minutes using an infrared remote control. The filtration system can handle particles as small as 30 microns, and the filters offer more than six times the area of standard bags.

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is useful for shops and garages that generate liquid in addition to solid mess. The Shop-Vac 9551600 6.5-Peak HP Ultra Pro Series is one example of the wet-dry vacs offered by Sears. The vacuum can handle tough jobs, and it comes with a four-year warranty. Designed with a low-profile tank for easy maneuvering, the product also uses a triple filtration system. The low center of gravity provides improved stability against tipping over. Unlike many other competitors, the 6.2 horsepower motor on this vacuum works with minimal noise. The Shop-Vac 9551600 comes with accessories like extension wands, floor nozzles and wet dry vac filters. If you need a more portable vacuum, the Metro VacuumVM4B500T is hand operated with 120 volts of power, a turbine brush and other accessories. You can use this portable vac to clean hard-to-reach spots like shelves and the tops of cabinets.

Whatever your cleaning needs, you can find the right product for the job at Sears. We offer full systems along with wet-dry vac hoses and accessories. You can find what you need quickly by using our sorting and filtering features. For example, sort by low to high price to find the best products for your budget. We offer free shipping on some orders, or you can pick up orders free from our stores. Shop Sears today to find a great deal on dust collection systems.


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