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Not every mess in your home is going to require you to get out your large floor vacuum. Keeping a handheld vacuum in the kitchen will help you clean up any small messes in a snap. Handheld doesn't just have to mean small, though. You have a number of backpack models to choose from as well, and they can handle hazardous particulate depending on the filter you've chosen. If you need a more portable version of your wet-dry vac, Sears has you covered with a few handheld vacs that can handle a sizeable amount of liquid. These canister vacuums will be able to handle about any mess you might stumble across.

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Reach every mess with your handheld vacuum

Whether you knocked over some dry oatmeal in your morning haze or your little one spilt their cereal, you don't always want to have to break out the full-size vacuum. Having a powerful handheld vacuum under the sink or in a closet with your other cleaning supplies, gives you a quick option for those small spills. When it comes to bigger messes, hazardous and otherwise, having a backpack model vacuum gives you extra power while keeping your hands free. Handheld vacuums are far more portable than a standard wheeled design, allowing you to bring the suction to wherever the mess lies.

A standard handheld vacuum is small, easy to use and is usually battery powered. The lack of a power cord makes these vacuums the perfect quick-cleaner for your home. They keep you from having to roll out your large floor vacuum and unravel the cord, all for a small mess. With no cord to get in your way, you'll be able to move freely and reach a mess on any surface.

For large-scale cleaning projects, investing in a backpack model vacuum will allow you to keep both of your hands free. A backpack model will let you move from one cleaning tool to the next, all the while, keeping your vacuum with you for whenever you need it. The filters used in the backpack models are different from your standard vacuum filters. They're typically efficient in collecting fine particulate from anywhere between .12 to .3 microns. Making them the perfect cleaning tool for those extremely tough to pick up spills.

These handhelds, when paired with the right filter, are great at handling hazardous materials. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that the particulate has to be dry. Unless you need to use your wet-dry vacuum, you should use your industrial fan, and ventilation to dry up the liquid part of your mess. After you've dried up your spill, you can take your vacuum to the particulate left.

No matter what model you need, these vacuums will help you clean up any mess big or small. Sears can outfit you with any vac you need to pick-up anything from spilt chips in the kitchen to the fine sawdust covering your workshop floor.


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