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Wet-Dry Vac Attachments Upgrade Your System

A wet-dry vac works well to remove standing water and dirt from your floor, but you can upgrade the machine with additional wet-dry vac attachments. Sears carries a range of attachments and accessories that work with Craftsman and other name brand wet-dry vacuum systems. Use the car nozzle attachment to clean your vehicle's interior, or attach the dusting brush to whisk away dust from your workspace. You can even use the wet-dry vac to clean the carpet with the wide floor nozzle. Invest in a Craftsman 3-piece accessory kit to brush away dust, to clean tight crevices and to vacuum bare and carpeted floors.

Like the wet-dry vac, invest in accessories and vacuum belts for your upright and handheld systems. Install a new Kenmore HEPA vacuum filter in your Progressive upright, or purchase extra bags for your bagged canister vacuum. Extend your Dyson handheld vacuum's functionality with a 4-in-1 tool kit, which contains a dusting brush, an extension hose and two additional nozzles for cleaning carpet and upholstery. Use your vacuum on bare floors when you use the Kenmore bare floor brush, or broaden your reach with an extra-long vacuum hose.

Wet-dry vacs come in handy for large spills and messes, but portable shop vacs work better for smaller cleanup jobs. Instead of using the extension hose on your vacuum to clean the stairs, use the Craftsman C3 19.2-volt hand vac. You can clean deep down into crevices with the car nozzle on a handheld Metro vacuum. Cleaning upholstery and drapery takes no time at all with the Black & Decker 4.8-volt DustBuster. Because of their lightweight design, handheld shop vacs never weigh you down, which means you can clean more in less time.

Wet-dry vacuums may lack the lightweight design of handheld models, but they provide more power and customization options. Take the Craftsman wet-dry vac for example. It ranges from 4- to 20-gallon sizes, and it features up to 6.5-horsepower motors. It also comes with additional hose attachments that help you remove dirt, dust and water from large carpets and smaller crevices. Ridgit and VacMaster also provide various wet-dry vac models that work for both commercial and household cleanup jobs. Consider a Shop-Vac or Craftsman wet-dry vacuum to remove standing water from a leaky toilet or large dust piles from a woodworking project.

Whether you need to clean the car interior or vacuum the stairs, you can invest in wet-dry vac attachments to make your job easier. You also have additional parts such as filters and hoses for your upright and canister vacuums. Turn to Sears when you need affordable vacuum systems and accessories for cleaning your home.


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