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Find the best wet dry vacuum filter for the job

The versatility of a wet dry vacuum makes them great for the garage, workshop and home use. Having the right filter for the mess you have to clean up is important. Not all wet dry vac filters are made for all situations. Certain filters are made specifically for dry debris. Others are built to handle wet or dry material. Sears has both for you to choose from, and keeping each on hand will let you tackle any mess you might encounter.

If you're only cleaning up dry messes, there are filter bags right for the situation. These filters are perfect for projects that require a lot of woodwork. With carpentry, the biggest mess maker is going to be your sander. When starting the sanding process, the wood shavings are going to be larger. A standard filter bag can pick up these pieces. As you continue to smooth down a piece of wood, though, the shavings and dust are going to be very fine. You'll want to switch to a filter bag that can pick up these tiny particles. Otherwise they could slip through and damage your vacuum.

When it comes to cleaning up both wet and dry messes, you'll want to grab a filter that can take on both. This way, when you're working on unclogging that pipe, you're ready to clean up whatever your drain cleaning machine gets out. Even if you're working in an environment that is typically dry, having a filter that can handle both is great in case of an unexpected spill.

There are two main types of filtration. Sears has both filter bags and filter cartridges. The cartridge resembles the air filter in your car and the bag just like the bag in a standard household vacuum. The bags are typically dry debris only. Their advantage is the convenience of being able to fill the bag, detach it and either empty it or toss a single-use bag. The cartridges are a bit more flexible. Some are dry only, but you also have options that are built for wet and dry situations. These multi-function filters are perfect for paint jobs where you will have to work with paint strippers and thinners that are both prone to creating messes. The cartridge filters can be cleaned, dried and used again, helping you keep a little extra change in your pocket

With the right filter in place, your wet dry vac will be working at full tilt. Come by Sears and get workshop vacuum filter to help you keep your area clean and tidy.


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