Wet Dry Vac Hoses

The hose on your wet dry vacuum is what does all the dirty work. If it has a hole or simply can't reach where you need it, then your shop vacuum won't be able to do its job. With a worn out connection, the suction is going to be sharply reduced. In some cases, you can't get your shop vacuum very close to a mess. Having a long hose when you need it will extend the usefulness of your vacuum. Sears has a hose replacement kit with replacement connectors so you can completely refurbish your vacuum and make it like new in no time at all.

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Get that extra reach with a wet dry vac hose

The hose on your wet dry vac takes on a lot of tough work. From the constant stretching and pulling to the rough materials it picks up, the hose will be receiving its fair share of stresses. A hose with a hole in the side will reduce the vacuum's overall suction power. The same goes for the hose's connector. Any fault in the hose or its connectors will cause the motor to work more, putting more stress on your workshop vacuum. Sears has the replacement hose and parts you need to get your vac back in tip-top shape.

If you're primarily using your wet dry vacuum in your workshop or garage, you're going to be sucking up some sharp objects. A rogue screw or a loose nail is liable to put a hole in your hose. Sears offers a few clear, rib enforced hoses. Wet dry vac hoses made of an opaque material don't offer much in the way of visibility. A clear hose will show you exactly where a clog is, and you'll be able to spot a tear much more easily.

When you're working with your wet dry vac, you'll be moving the canister around quite a bit. Many times you'll just give the hose a tug while you're trying to reach some debris to move the whole vacuum closer to you. This jostling at the connectors can compromise the seal. Just like having a clogged wet dry vac filter, this will greatly diminish the suction reaching the end of the hose. Sears has replacement options that provide you with a new hose as well as new connectors. Having a tight connection will make your job easier and take some of the strain off your vac.

Getting the reach you need with your wet dry vacuum can be a bear of a task. Even with the aid of an extension cord, you still might not be able to reach all the places you need. Sears offers a number of hose extenders that you can attach to your existing hose to give you some extra reach when you're in a pinch.

Maintaining your wet dry vacuum's hose will ensure that it is working at its best. Come by Sears and grab a new hose to help you reach all the dirtiest parts of your workshop, garage or vehicle.


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