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      Pick Up Dirt and Water with Wet-Dry Vacuums

      Wet-dry vacuums remove both water and debris, making them beneficial for both home and commercial cleanup jobs. Sears carries hundreds of name brand wet-dry vacs from Craftsman and Shop-Vac, all of which feature leak-proof containers and powerful motors for picking up heavy dirt and draining large puddles of water. Craftsman offers up to 20-gallon wet-dry vacs with additional hose attachments for multiple cleaning chores. Stanley also provides stainless steel wet-dry vacuums that feature 4.5-horsepower motors and several attachments for cleaning carpets and upholstery.

      When you vacuum the carpet or clean up water from a spill, wear cleaning gloves to protect your hands from contaminants. Soft Scrub rubber gloves come in handy for dusting and cleaning surfaces with chemical products. The glove features a cotton-flocked lining, which provides a safer alternative if you have a latex allergy. You can also use Lamont disposable gloves for cleaning the bathroom or handling a full vacuum bag.

      The more you use your wet-dry vac, the more dirt and dust particles clog the filter. After a few uses, replace your wet-dry vac filters to keep the machine running its best. Filters trap the particles and prevent them from releasing back into the air. Having a clogged filter adds stress to the motor and reduces the wet-dry vac's performance. Check the filter before you use the vacuum to ensure it remains free of clogged dust particles and debris. Cleaning the filter with a brush can increase its longevity, but a new filter offers more efficiency when vacuuming the floor. Craftsman HEPA-rated filters remove 100 percent of dust allergens up to 0.1 microns. Changing the filter every so often ensures that the vacuum continues to operate at 100 percent.

      Wet-dry vac filters improve the overall functionality of your machine. While the standard hose and nozzle pick up dirt and water, you can transform the wet-dry vac into a dust buster with a simple dusting brush. Clean deep into crevices and between your car seats with a Craftsman car nozzle attachment. If you want to utilize the wet-dry vac's power, attach the 14-inch floor nozzle to your machine, and vacuum the entire carpet. Avoid buying individual attachments for your wet-dry vac, and invest in the Craftsman 3-piece vacuum accessory kit, which contains a dusting brush, a crevice tool and a floor nozzle.

      Wet-dry vacuums serve as multi-purpose machines that pick up dirt, remove standing water and clean car interiors. Replace the filter in your wet-dry vac to maximize its efficiency, and upgrade your machine with additional attachments. Look to Sears for even more affordable vacuum cleaners and accessories for your next cleanup job.


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