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      Keep everything tight and in line with woodworking clamps

      The wonderful thing about woodworking is that you can shape a simple piece of wood to fit any type of project, and you can use several different mediums to hold your project together. Woodworking can be a rewarding hobby, and it is one that relies on a host of tools to help you get beautiful results. Woodworking clamps are the unsung heroes of the woodworking world. These clamps help position wood for precise cuts, help align boards while wood glue is drying, and act as an extra set of hands when you are putting the final touches on your piece. These tools should be a part of any carpenter's tool kits, whether for the woodshop or on-the-go repairs.

      There are a few different styles of clamps on the market, but bar clamps are the most popular style. These clamps are adjustable, with the jaws sliding up and down a bar so you can get the perfect fit for your lumber or plywood. Many bar clamp styles are available with one-handed triggers so you can hold your project in place with one hand while you secure the bar clamp with the other. This is great if you typically do a lot of woodworking on your own, since you may not always have an extra pair of hands nearby to hold things in place while you set them up for final assembly or a big cut. You will probably want a few bar clamps in different sizes so that you will have exactly what you need on hand for any project.

      Screw clamps are another type of woodworking clamp that is less common but still very useful. These clamps are similar to vices, since the screw tighter instead of using a spring or ratchet system. However, the teeth are small so you can work around them as you are fixing and finishing your project. These types of clamps are great for small projects and are particularly helpful when you need to glue pieces together, since the screw mechanism allows you to tighten the clamps really tight, ensuring that everything stays in place while the glue dries. They are also small enough that they won't be in the way if you are doing a home remodel. For example, small screw clamps on stair components reduce the risk of tripping as things set and dry.

      While many types of clamps can easily be thrown into your toolbox, there are some styles that mount on your bench, meaning you will have easy access to them all the time. This style of clamp can be especially helpful when you are working on assembly since all you have to do is slide the wood into the clamp and continue working. No matter what type of clamp you use, you are sure to see a difference in the quality and construction of your projects. Sears offers a variety of clamps in all styles and sizes so that you can find exactly what you need for any project.


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