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Get the right hammer for every job

Having the right hammer for the job can make things a lot easier, both for the project itself and on your shoulders. The different types of hammers give you options for tackling the different materials you'll be working within the best way possible.

One of the types of hammers that everyone should have on hand is a dead blow hammer. Dead blow hammers come in different weights and sizes, and they're great at getting jobs done quickly. They work by having a weighted head that eliminates rebound and delivering more power to the point of the strike. A dead blow hammer will greatly reduce user fatigue and arm strain. Using a dead blow hammer in tandem with your wood chisel will give you the power to chip through even the hardest woods with ease.

For jobs that require a softer touch, the rubber mallet is the tool for the job. Rubber mallets replace the metal head of the hammer with a piece of rubber that has a large circular face. The large striking surface, combined with a soft rubber, allows you to use force but avoid damaging the material you're hitting. After you've cut a piece of sheet metal with your band saw you can shape it easily with a rubber mallet. They're also a great hammer for getting out dents in your car's bumper.

When you're doing a massive home overhaul, you're going to want to pick up a good sledge hammer. Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the sheer force of this hammer. They'll be able to rip through old counter tops, dry wall and tile with ease. One thing's for sure, you'll need to keep your wet-dry vac on hand to pick up the mess you'll inevitably be making. You need to make sure that whatever you plan on hitting with a sledge hammer can take the impact. They're best used in demolition situations or when you're trying to form steel and other hard metals.

Having the right hammer can make the job go much smoother. Hammering is a tiring activity and the right tool can make your work much easier, both on you and on delicate materials. Pick up the type of hammer you need to finish off your project at Sears.

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