Adding a powerful jointer to a workshop is important for anyone serious about woodworking projects. Sears offers a range of jointers that fit many budget and project needs, including large professional pieces of equipment and smaller, less expensive jointer options for the woodworking hobbyist. Some jointers, including options from Craftsman and Jet, are dual jointer and planer combos. For instance, the Jet 707410 B3NCH, JJP-10BTOS, 10-in Benchtop Planer/Jointer is an efficient combo that fits in small workshop spaces while providing professional-quality work. Those looking for a high-end professional jointer might consider options from Powermatic, which are durable, powerful, and user-friendly.

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      Kick your shop into high gear with a woodworking jointer

      When you have several DIY or woodworking projects under your tool belt, you'll want to purchase some power tools for your workshop. One of the ones you'll get a lot of use out of is the jointer. Sears carries a wide range of them, from large professional pieces to less expensive, smaller models.

      A jointer is the tool you need when you want to make a warped or bowed board flat. JET has several to choose from. One is the 8-inch closed stand jointer. It has an extra-long cast iron table with a precision-machined finish to ensure the accuracy you count on when woodworking. There are three high-speed steel knives. They make more than 16,500 cuts per minute. You'll find the depth-of-cut scale easy to read. The infeed and outfeed tables are adjustable for project requirements and your personal comfort. There's a built-in rabbeting ledge that creates a narrow rabbet along the length of a work piece. You can quickly adjust the center fence controls. For bevel operations, there are positive stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees on the two-way tilting fence. The table adjustment hand wheel has a locking knob. That helps you make adjustments quickly, easily and safely. Even though you need to always use protective earmuffs when using machines to avoid hearing loss, JET has created a sound-reducing table.

      In addition to a jointer, you'll want to look at our selection of woodworking planers, either a bench top or stationary model. A bench-top is less expensive than the stationary planer; it's also portable. The stationary is bigger and more powerful, but it is also more expensive. Did you know that Sears also offers jointer/planer combos from JET and Craftsman, America's most trusted brand? If you don't have enough room for both in your workshop, a combo is a great option.

      Whether browsing for a jointer and planer or a combo online today, also check out the woodworking vises. A vise helps you keep pieces of wood in place (such as posts when you're cutting several to build a new backyard fence), when working on projects and after using carpenter's glue so that the two or more pieces you've adhered together have time to dry. The 9-inch woodworking vise from Woodman leaves behind no pinch marks as it keeps your woodwork in place. It has six mounting holes so that it will be sturdily and easily mounted on your workbench.

      At Sears, you'll find a jointer, planer or other machines no matter what your project needs or your budget. We even offer reconditioned options, so you can purchase a larger, more powerful machine for a lot less. For more details, feel free to chat online with one of our many customer service agents.


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