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Table saws are a fundamental piece of equipment for a variety of projects. The precision of table saws is key to accurate cuts in a variety of materials. Many table saws come with collapsible stands or stands with wheels for easy transportation. Blade guards on the saws prevent kickback that can derail a work piece. A trunnion system keeps the blade rigid to reduce vibrations that can reduce the quality and accuracy of the cut, and a dust collection port keeps waste materials from getting in the way on the work site. Most table saws also come with manufacturer warranties.

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Woodworking table saws will help you create furniture and more

If you were to put one machine in the center of your woodworking woodshop as THE machine which all the other machines and tools fall second to, it'd be the table saw. With the precision of a table saw, you get accurate cuts time after time. The right blades can help you cut a variety of materials for almost any project.

There are three types of table saws: stationary, contractor's and portable. The stationary type, also called a cabinet saw, is the most expensive, followed by the contractor's saw and then the portable, aka bench-top, saw. While sometimes it's tempting to save some money by purchasing a smaller and less-powerful model because that matches up with the types of woodworking and DIY projects you're tackling, think about future projects. If you plan to complete bigger projects in the future or increase your skill level, you'd be money ahead to purchase a bigger, more powerful saw to start with. Plus you won't end up with two saws in your workshop, where space is at a premium.

Even though stationary table saws are big (as in they weigh more than 400 pounds) and powerful, the motor is not as loud as you'd think. That's because the motor's inside the cabinet, hence the term cabinet saw. Depending on the model and brand, the table saw will have 3 to 5 HP. So you need to think about your workshop's wiring. Can it handle the amps and voltage? Because it's so powerful, it's a good thing that blade guards on the saws prevent kickback.

Tipping the scales up to 300 pounds, the contractor's saw is not small, but it is smaller than the table/cabinet saw. Technically, they are portable, but you'll need to phone a friend for help hauling it around. You'll find a 1 or 2 HP motor in a contractor's saw. Let's look at the Craftsman 10-inch contractor's saw as an example of some features you can find, based on the model and brand. It boasts a generous work surface so you can get powerful, smooth cuts. It has a trunnion system, making sure the blade stays rigid to reduce vibrations; vibrations could reduce the accuracy of your cuts. It features an adaptable riving knife system, meaning clean cuts. You'll be able to quickly and easily produce slots and dados in just a few adjustments. With a 1 3/4 HP motor and the 10-inch blade spinning at 3,450 rotations per minute, you can rip, rabbet and cross-cut hardwoods like butter.

Last but not least is the portable table saw. Use it for light- and medium-duty projects. If you only occasionally find need for a table saw, this might be your one. It will get the job done while still being budget-friendly. It's also a great way to free up space or keep a table saw while downsizing to a smaller workshop.

With some helpful power tools from Sears, you can create furniture and more for your home, lawn and garden. We recommend that in addition to a circular saw you at least have the basics in your woodshop: woodworking circular saws, woodworking jig saws and wood sanders. It also helps to have a few hand tools. Sears offers a number of woodworking tool kits and other kits so you can purchase all that you need in one fell swoop. Stop worrying about whether you have all the tools you need and let Sears help you build a workshop for any project.


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