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      Woodworking vises lock any project into place with ease

      When you assemble a new bed frame, door or cabinet, you want to make sure that all of the pieces are secure when they are put to use. Clamps are great tools to help hold materials together temporarily, and will do the trick for most projects. However, woodworking vises are great for the bigger projects and heavier materials since they apply more consistent pressure to your project and hold it in place.

      You've probably seen a large, heavy looking vise attached to your father or grandfather's workbench. While you may not have been able to discern its purpose right away, it's a useful tool that will help prepare your projects for assembly and assure that they will stay stuck together while the glue dries. Once you've measured and re-measured your project with rulers and calipers, cut corners to precision and sanded the lumber as smooth as a baby's bottom, it's time to assemble. Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands to hold things in place while you put the whole project together to ready it for screws or nails. A vise works as a pair of hands that is always ready and waiting for your project. Most vises are stationary, which means that they mount directly onto your wall or workbench. They also tend to have larger grips that cover more surface area, which means you can use fewer grips to hold your project together.

      Another advantage to the vise is that it usually operates with a screw closing mechanism, rather than a spring or ratchet mechanism. This means you can screw the clamp as tight as you want it and the pressure will remain constant. If you are trying to bend wood or hold a project together while the glue dries, this is ideal because you can set it and leave it without worry. Vises are also handy in a pinch when you just need something to hold your project steady while you work on the finer details with woodworking chisels. Sometimes the flat surface of a table does not provide the best angle for detail work. A vise will hold your project at a number of angles, allowing you to get the best access to your finishing touches.

      When it comes to woodworking projects, you can set it and forget it with Sears. We have a variety of vises, clamps and stands that help you work on your project form any angle and assemble it with ease. Check out a great selection of name brands at affordable prices you will love and start a new project today.


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