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Outfit your workshop with versatile and durable woodworking workbenches

Every man cave needs a workshop, and no workshop is complete without at least a couple woodworking workbenches. You need one to hold all of your great power tools like woodworking table saws, routers, planers and joiners. You need another so you have a place to rest your project plans and assemble parts. The assembly bench should have a set of woodworking clamps to help hold everything in place while you review the instructions and set the final screws. Even projects involving engineered lumber may need a few touchups, so it is good to have the extra workspace to spread out your project and get cracking.

For small spaces, a folding workbench is the perfect item. You can pull out the bench when you need to work on your project, but then fold it neatly away so you have room for a pool game. If your workshop doubles as your home's garage, a folding workbench can be the perfect way to make room for cars and outdoor equipment when you don't have a project in progress. When it's time to get some work done, all you have to do is pull the cars out of the garage and unfold your bench to maximize the limited space. A folding workbench is also great when you have a shared family basement. You will still have room for exercise equipment, children's toys and storage, which can be tucked out of the way to make room for a folding workbench when you have to get some carpentry finished.

Another great workbench that maximizes the space in your shop is the wall-mounted workbench. This looks like a large shelf that simply sits on brackets, but it offers the durability and stability of a regular bench. The advantage to a wall-mounted bench is that you don't have to worry about table legs; you have unrestricted use of the space below your bench for customizable storage and organization. Like the folding bench, it doesn't take up much space, so you have room for other items if you have to share your workspace with other family and home needs.

A traditional workbench is also a great choice for any shop. A stand-alone workbench is strong and durable, but can be moved as your life and living situation change. Traditionally, these workbenches were made of wood, but many lightweight options are now available. A metal workbench is easy to move but still strong enough to handle all the banging and clanging of lumber and tools. If you prefer the feel of a hardwood work space, you can opt for a bench that consists of a metal base with a wooden top. You get the lightweight features of the metal frame along with the rough and tumble nature of a hardwood workspace.

Your final consideration for woodworking workbenches is storage. Do you want stand-alone shelves and bins, or would you rather have them built in to your workbench. Some workbenches come with a hutch or shelf attached, so you have more room to store items that you use frequently. Other benches feature drawers below the tabletop that will store all your tools, measuring devices and other odds and ends. No matter what type of bench set-up you choose, Sears can help. Check out a fantastic selection of benches designed to fit any workspace or project so you can take one home and get building today!



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