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      Pick the right woodworking tools for your handyman's workshop

      Perhaps you got an old hand-me-down whittling set from your grandfather. Maybe you got a gift card to spend on new tools this year, and you are thinking about taking up woodworking as a hobby. With all of the tools out there, it can be hard to determine what you need in your workshop. You generally need tools in the areas of hand operation, power tools and measuring tools. This triad of woodworking tools will ensure that your projects are cut, shaped and assembled perfectly every time. With these tools at your side, the hardest part of you project will be choosing your lumber!

      When it comes to carpenter's tools, sets are a good place to start. You'll get all the basics that you need for less money than you would spend on buying each item individually. Many basic woodworking tool sets include a variety of hand tools such as chisels and gouges to help you shape smaller projects by hand. You can also buy hand power tool sets that include saws and cordless drills for basic carpentry jobs. If you want to get a complete set-up right away and are conscious of your budget, then a set is an economical choice for you.

      Every woodworker needs a great set of hand tools, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of fine detail work on your project. Chisels help you shape the wood and gouges will help you cut out larger chunks. Hand sanders ensure a surface that is as smooth as silk. Some woodworkers choose to make projects only with hand tools because they love the feel of working directly with the wood underneath their hands. While these projects take a little more time, they are filled with love and hard work. A great set of hand tools can turn all that hard work into a thing of beauty.

      Power tools also have a place in woodworking, especially if you are doing things on a larger scale. If you are doing cabinetry, carpentry or home accents, you will need some serious power to cut and shape lumber before adding the finishing touches. Table saws, routers, joiners and planers are all very helpful in getting perfect cuts that ensure neat corners and artistic accents. Hand tools can also be a blessing when doing final assembly. A cordless drill can make holes for screws and pegs in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by hand, and you'll save a little elbow grease in the process. Just remember to keep your batteries charged in case you get carried away in your workshop for the weekend.

      Finally, every good woodworker knows that careful planning and measurement creates the best results. While planning and marking your project may not seem like a lot of fun, it is the map that guides you to the end result. Thus, it is essential to have a tape measure, ruler calipers, squares, protractors and levels nearby to make sure that every cut is the right cut. Some power tools include measurement guides, but it is always a good idea to double-check those measurements by hand yourself.

      With a combination of large power tools for the big cuts and small hand tools for the finer details, you will be able to shape your wood into anything from doors to furniture to children's toys. Let Sears get you started with a great collection of woodworking tools and kits to help anyone master carpentry or carving.