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      Grab a handful of open stock wrenches

      Our selection of open stock wrenches has a little of everything. Craftsman combination wrenches come with lifetime warranties, and the wrenches are available in all metric and standard sizes. Stanley, Ridgid and SK Tools make high quality adjustable wrenches that cover a range of sizes. Those with long handles give you the greatest leverage. Shorter handles are useful in confined places under the sink or below the truck. When the tightening of a fastener needs to be exact, manual and electronic torque wrenches are the answer. Rugged steel and lightweight aluminum pipe wrenches give you the bite and leverage to loosen tough fittings. Our open stock wrenches selection also includes ratcheting clench wrenches, offset combination wrenches and locking wrenches.

      When you're changing the oil or trying to get the honey jar open, strap wrenches will prove very useful. They feature flexible straps that encircle and grip an oil filter or lid. These handy tools will prove useful for replacing screw-in filters in your refrigerator, water purifier and other systems. The long, comfortable handle lets you get leverage for loosening or tightening. Strap wrenches are sold individually or in sets of two to give you a size option.

      Torque wrenches deliver accurate tightening time after time. Craftsman Micro-Clicker and Schwaben wrenches use manual operation and a series of clicks to let you know how much torque you've applied. Beam-style models are outfitted with meters and needles to show torque. They are a less reliable but more affordable choice when less precision is required. Digi-Click torque wrenches are the digital version from Craftsman. They are available in various models that cover different torque ranges, and most offer accuracy within 4 percent. Bright LED displays show the amount of torque, and they make an audible tone when the right torque has been reached. Brownline, Precision Instruments and Armstrong are among the other high quality brands of electronic torque wrenches that we have.

      Keeping wrenches in their place and ready for use is the job of wrench organizers. Most are very affordable and can be mounted to the wall or your peg board. Mechanics Time Savers wrench organizers come in blue and red models to keep standard and metric wrenches separate. The wrench sorting tray from Sort-A-Tool lists sizes and will fit in most tool chests. Craftsman makes several models including the Universal Wrench Tray with a snap-down lid that gives the organizer a tidy appearance.

      Wrenches and accessories from Sears help you get a grip at home or work. You'll find a great selection of tools at prices you'll love. We can deliver the items to you, or you can pick them up at the nearest store.


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