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      Always make the right turn with wrench sets

      Sears has a fantastic selection of wrench sets from your favorite brands. Craftsman combination wrench sets come in sets from six to 26 pieces, with metric, standard or both sizes. If you work in engine compartments or other tight spots, Craftsman CM and Stanley combo wrench sets with flexible heads give you more ways to approach every nut or bolt. A crowfoot wrench set from SK Tools or GearWrench is another option for confined spaces. They are available in all sizes and drives. A three-piece set of adjustable wrenches are useful for basic jobs around the house or shop. Open-end and box wrench sets give you two wrench sizes for every tool, and this lowers the cost of the set. You can browse Proto, Craftsman Industrial and Sunex for professional wrench sets that will give you outstanding quality and durability.

      When rusty pipes and fittings stand in your way, pipe wrench sets will break them loose. Craftsman and Stanley pipe wrench sets made from iron feature adjustable jaws with high-profile teeth that grip round pipes. They are affordable, but may rust if not kept oiled. Aluminum pipe wrench sets from Tekton and Superior Tool are lighter in weight and won't corrode, though they don't have the strength of iron. A set of long-handled pipe wrenches will give you better leverage if you consistently work on corroded pipes.

      You'll find lots of uses for affordable strap wrenches from Craftsman, Task Tools and Klein Tools. They feature an adjustable-length rubber strap that wraps around jar lids, oil filters and household screw-in filters. The handle is large and padded for comfort, and the strap grabs ahold as soon as you apply leverage. Strap wrenches are an ideal solution if you have arthritis in your hands, and they'll prove very helpful to older adults who aren't as strong as they once were. Ridgid, Gedore and Lisle make professional-grade strap wrenches for the commercial shop.

      If you're looking for a great gift idea, consider personalized wrench sets engraved or stamped with a name or initials. A father, neighborhood mechanic or technical school graduate will enjoy a set of chrome combination wrenches with the Craftsman block logo on one side and his or her name on the other. We have hundreds of sets from favorite brands like Craftsman Professional, Stanley and GearWrench that can easily be turned into personalized wrench sets. An engraver can also make you a handsome name plate to be affixed to a metal wrench set case.

      What do you need to get a handle on? Sears has the right wrenches for the job. We maintain competitive pricing on every set in our huge selection. Place your order today, and we'll promptly ship tools that you or a recipient will love.


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