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      Start working today with our quality box and angle wrench sets

      Angle and box wrench sets are traditional favorites for mechanics and home do-it-yourselfers. With a good set of these tools, you can quickly handle any bolt without having to adjust the head size. Sears carries a wide selection of box and angle wrenches for every type of job. Our top-end products use high quality alloys that resist corrosion and are easy to clean.

      One of our best products is the Armstrong 17-piece, 12-point Full Polish Ratcheting Box Wrench Set. The kit includes 17 pieces for standard and metric sizes. The ratcheting set has a full polish finish, and it comes with two vinyl roll pouches for easy storage. If you have a large number of wrenches, use one of our wrench organizers for easier accessibility.

      If you need a tool to deal with very tight bolts, the Stanley Proto J2646SW Heavy Duty 12-Point Offset Striking Wrench is a good choice. The special design of this wrench allows you to hit its special striking face for greater torque in loosening stubborn fasteners. Striking the wrench transmits vibrations that can dislodge frozen bolts quickly without damaging the wrench. Stanley also offers smaller versions known as slugging wrenches.

      KD Tools 13-Piece GearBox SAE Double Box Ratcheting Master Wrench Set will handle most home repair jobs. The slim design and zero degree offset allows these wrenches to fit easily into cramped spaces. The beam provides up to 40 percent greater leverage than standard wrenches to help you deal with extra tight bolts. Optimized ratcheting action and Surface Drive Plus improve the efficiency and durability of the KD Tools wrench set.

      Sears carries leading brand names including Craftsman, Armstrong and Proto. Whether you need adjustable or strap wrenches, we have products that will fit your requirements. If you join the Craftsman Club, you will receive discounts on all items offered by this manufacturer. Sears also provides discounts and special deals for many other brands. Some items may have 70 percent or more off the original price. You may also qualify for free shipping or interest-free payments on some items. To find out more about our special offers, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top right corner of each product page. An expert from our Blue Tool Crew can help you find the products you need, including those at discounted prices. We also offer online live chat and email customer support options.

      Our Blue Tool Crew members can help you find specialty wrench sets including dog bone and ignition kits. If you are a Member of Shop Your Way MAX, you may be eligible for free two-day shipping on some items. You will also collect points for each purchase that are redeemable for awards online or at one of our stores. Shop with Sears today to find an excellent deal on quality box and angle wrench sets.


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