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      Double your options with combination wrenches

      Combination wrenches give you two options for every job. The open-end side is a good choice when you've got room to work. The box-side is ideal for use where space limitations make it difficult to keep the wrench on the fastener. Our hundreds of combination wrench sets include affordable options for use at home and professional-grade sets for the shop. Select standard or metric combination wrenches or a larger set that has both. For working in tight engine compartments, Craftsman Full Polish Stubby ratcheting combination wrenches are ideal. Elbow combination wrenches and those with flexible heads work well when you have to approach the fastener from an angle. Craftsman Pro, GearWrench and Stanley Proto are other leading brands that we feature.

      Crowfoot wrenches are used by aviation and automotive mechanics to loosen hard-to-reach nuts. They are available in all common wrench and drive sizes. These unique wrenches can also be used if you don't have a flare wrench handy. Quality crowfoot wrenches are finished with chrome that resists scratching and corrosion. They are easy to clean and will keep their shine for years.

      If you're a plumber or HVAC technician, you rely on your flare nut wrenches every day. Their specially designed heads grip flare nuts with more contact than standard wrenches do. This reduces the possibility of damaging flare nuts made from copper, brass or mild steel. Quality flare nut wrenches are available from Craftsman, Armstrong and Cooper Tools in standard and metric sizes. You can buy them individually, but you'll pay less per wrench when you purchase them in a set. KD Tools and GearWrench make flare nut wrenches with flexible heads that give you more versatility when working at an angle to the nut.

      Pipe wrenches are the beefiest wrenches in the tool box. Most are made from cast iron, but you can save weight by choosing aluminum pipe wrench sets from Tekton or Superior Tool. Their adjustable jaws self-tighten as you apply leverage, and their robust teeth bite into pipe made from soft metals. Short pipe wrenches are ideal for tight locations, and those with handles up to 48 inches give you extra leverage for tough fittings and pipe joints. Offset pipe wrenches with a jaw fitted at a 90-degree angle are useful when the pipe can't be gripped in standard fashion. We carry more than a dozen brands of pipe wrenches including Rothenberger, Westward and Black Rhine.

      We've got the wrenches you need for work or your next home repair project. A range of prices and quality combinations give you buying options. Stock up on wrenches from Sears that will help you get the hard work done every day.


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