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Flare Nut Wrenches & Sets

Flare nut wrenches are the choice of contractors working with soft metals like mild steel and brass. Their long jaws provide more surface contact and reduce slipping and damage. Flare nut wrenches from Craftsman, Cooper Tools and KD Tools are available by the set or individually in all sizes. Crowfoot wrenches from Wright Tools and GearWrench have long jaws too, so they can be used on flare nuts in a pinch. They are also perfect for getting to nuts and bolts in very tight places. Keep flare nuts and fittings in great shape with high quality flare nut wrenches and crowfoot wrenches from Sears.

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Use flare nut wrenches for soft materials

Flare nuts are made from brass, copper and mild steel, so it takes a special wrench to prevent damage to them. Flare nut wrenches are the right choice. Their longer, more encompassing jaws make contact with the nut at more points, so the wrench won't slip and gouge the metal. Flare nut wrenches come in all standard and metric sizes, and most are reversible. Those with flexible heads are ideal when you need to approach plumbing or HVAC fittings from an angle due to space limitation. Craftsman, GearWrench and Armstrong Tools make affordable sets for occasional use and pro-quality sets that will last a lifetime. You'll get the best price per tool by purchasing flare wrenches in a set that contains the sizes you use most often.

If you don't need the grip of a box wrench, open-end wrenches give you more tool for your money. Every handle features wrenches of a different size at each end. We carry open-end wrenches individually or in sets from seven to 28 pieces that contain standard, metric or both. Options you may want to consider for your open-end wrenches are ratcheting heads that speed up work in tight spaces and offset heads and flexible heads that work well when approaching a nut at a tough angle.

Heavy-duty iron pipe wrench sets from Craftsman or Stanley give you extra weight for tough fittings and nuts. They feature jaws with large teeth to get a better bite on round pipes. Aluminum sets from Superior Tool or Tekton reduce carrying weight and resist corrosion. Long-handled pipe wrench sets give you maximum leverage for breaking loose rusty iron pipe connections.

You've got several options when it comes to choosing ratcheting wrenches from Sears. Many are combination wrenches with a ratcheting head at one end and an open or box end of the same size at the other. The ratcheting head reduces the time it takes to loosen or tighten since you don't have to remove the tool from the nut. It also allows you to get into tight spots where full rotation isn't possible. Other sets feature a ratcheting head of different sizes at either end of the handle. These sets offer good value by reducing the number of tools that you need. Offset ratcheting wrenches and those with flexible heads give you options when you can't get a wrench flush on the nut.

Our selection of wrenches is unsurpassed in variety and quality. You'll find the exact wrench or set you need at a price you'll love. Place your order for wrenches at Sears today, and they'll soon be in your hand and working hard for you.


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