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Complete any project with specialty wrench sets

No two home improvement projects are created equally. Specialty wrench sets make it easier to be certain that the right tool is on hand whenever you need it. These sets are perfect for auto repair as well as regular home maintenance. Look for sets with multiple sizes, like the Craftsman 20 pc. Ignition Wrench Set or the Craftsman 65-in-1 Universal Tool. Consider the Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench if you need something lightweight that can handle multiple jobs.

Not sure what type of wrench you need to complete your toolbox? Let Sears help. No home can function without a complete set of flare nut wrenches. These tools are primarily used for gripping plumbing nuts. Flare nut wrenches are must-have items to resolve leaky pipe issues without making costly plumber calls. Do you need a wide variety of sizes? The GearWrench Full Polish 11 Piece Flex Flare Nut Wrench Set may be perfect for you. GearWrench also has five piece sets for those homes with fewer nut sizes. Having a strap wrench on hand can also be a great boon to your tool chest. Strap wrenches allow for a host of home and auto repairs. They can even aid with simple tasks like opening hard-to-budge jelly jars. The Craftsman Two Piece Strap Wrench Set is ideal for small and large jobs. A chain wrench can be necessary when extra torque is needed. Consider the KD Tools Chain Wrench for a sturdy solution. One of the most important but often forgotten wrenches is the lug wrench. Items like the Ken-tool 4-Way Lug Wrench should be present in the home as well as each vehicle.

Wrench sets can make amazing gifts for yourself or others. Look for personalized wrench sets for the handyman or handywoman in your life. You can personalize a wrench set with the recipient's name or a clever phrase to show off his or her abilities. Personalized tool sets can also make fun and useful gifts. Give these to a loved one who has been using a tool set that has seen better days. Do you have friends and neighbors who borrow tools and forget to return them? Get a tool set emblazoned with your name to remind them. Personalized tool sets also make great housewarming gifts.

Sears has long been known as the go-to place for all of your home workshop needs. Our tool selection gives you the ability to pick and choose the pieces that work best for you. Our wide assortment of specialty wrench sets offer all-encompassing solutions to every problem. Whatever your wrench needs may be, we can meet them. Shop Sears today to complete or restock your tool chest. You will be glad you did.


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