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      Take on any project with a set of spanner wrenches

      Pick up a quality set of spanner wrenches so you'll be set to take on any project you want. These tools help you tighten specific pieces with slots made for a spanner's grip. Depending on the part you encounter, you'll need either a hook spanner or a pin spanner wrench. Both variations come in fixed or adjustable models. If you perform regular maintenance on a specific component, a fixed face spanner wrench will be right for you. Otherwise, an adjustable model will help you tackle a wider variety of parts.

      There is a wide selection of specialty wrenches to choose from at Sears. You'll find ratcheting wrenches from Craftsman and other trusted brands. You'll also be able to find multi-bit wrench sets, multi-tools and other job specific wrenches. Having the right tool for the job is half the battle. These specialty wrenches will let you work on anything from home appliances to your vehicle's oil filter.

      Get an adjustable spanner wrench to get the job done no matter what types of components you're working on. They'll be an invaluable piece to have in your tool chest. Sears has all the spanner wrenches, specialty wrenches and more to help you complete any job.


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