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      Reach for torque wrenches when precision counts

      We've got a great range of torque wrenches for repair and assembly purposes when torque needs to be very accurate. Beam-style torque wrenches from Performance Tools and KD Tools are affordable, and they give you accuracy within 5 percent. The Ampro Dicrometer, Craftsman Micro-Clicker and Central Tools torque wrenches are manual wrenches that offer higher accuracy. For the most accurate torque adjustments, consider electronic digital models like the Craftsman Electronic, Brownline Digital or Precision Instruments Square torque wrenches. Electronic models are battery-operated and show torque readings in Nm and lbs. per in. Most have tone that signal when you reach the desired torque. Our selection includes wrenches with drives from 1/4 in. to 3/4 in.

      If you're looking for a set to start with, box wrench sets make a great choice. Box wrenches get a 12-point grip on nuts and bolts, and the greater surface contact breaks them loose with less effort. Metric, SAE and sets with both measurements lower your cost per tool. Box wrench sets with work-reducing ratcheting heads are ideal for working in tight spots where full rotation isn't possible. If you are looking for professional tools to add to your collection, a box wrench set with offset heads, adjustable heads or extra-long handles will help you reach where standard wrenches won't.

      Combination wrenches may prove to be the most valuable wrenches in your toolbox. Opposite ends feature open-end wrenches and box wrenches to give you an option for every task. For greater ease of use, choose wrenches with ratcheting heads on the box end or those with flexible heads that help you put the wrench on nuts at tough angles. Combination wrenches from Craftsman, GearWrench and other top brands are made in grades from entry-level to professional, so you will find the quality and price combination right for your work load.

      DIY homeowners will find use for a decent set of pipe wrenches for KD Tools or Superior Tools. Plumbers and other contractors will make good use of top-quality pipe wrench sets. Your options include the Tekton aluminum three-piece set that offers lighter weight and resistance to corrosion and Craftsman steel wrenches that give you more muscle for loosening rusty connections. These contractor-grade pipe wrench sets feature strong jaws that tighten around the pipe the moment you apply leverage. The aggressive profile of their teeth allows them to get a good bite on round pipe and fittings.

      When you browse our huge selection of wrenches, you are sure to find the right wrenches for the projects you have in mind. You may have them delivered to your home, or we can have them ready for pickup at your nearest Sears. Order today, and high-quality wrenches from Sears will soon be helping you get work done.


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