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      Reach for torque wrenches when precision counts

      No matter the size of the bolt, sensitive systems require a specific torque rating. When a bolt is too loose or over tightened, you risk failure of the bolt or it may wear faster than expected. Torque wrenches allow you to tighten a fitting to the precise amount needed. Sears carries a variety of models, from beam to digital, which will give you the torque rating you desire. These wrenches will help you put together the perfect wrench set to complete any task.

      With beam torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches and clicker torque wrenches, you'll be able to stock your tool box with the wrenches you need for your job. Each type of wrench comes with a varying degree of accuracy. When you're taking on a precise task, you'll want a torque wrench that can give you the highest degree of accuracy. Sears carries models that will help you track angle as well as torque, which can be especially helpful in automotive projects. No matter the situation, you'll have the accuracy you need.

      With the right wrench, you'll have the ability to tighten any bolts perfectly. Sears carries all the torque wrenches you need to tackle any automotive, plumbing or other job you might face.


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