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      Buy the 12 piece wrench set and get 50% off on the 5 Pc Set

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      Find the right wrench at Sears

      From replacing a plumbing fixture to tightening a bolt on an engine, you need the right wrench for the job. Sears carries thousands of individual wrenches and complete wrench sets in an assortment of sizes and materials from makers like Craftsman and Stanley. Invest in a Craftsman 4-piece adjustable wrench set for your plumbing work, or get more power from your tool with an Armstrong torque wrench. Whether you need a crowfoot wrench or an open-end wrench, we have the hand tools you need for your workshop.

      Even if you enjoy woodworking, wrenches come in handy for loosening and tightening bolts on deck boards and planks. Complement your tool set with Craftsman and Mintcraft chisels for your woodshop. Chisels work best for cutting or gouging recesses in wood, such as the recess for a door hinge or a latch. A Craftsman 6-piece chisel set contains all the pieces you need to cut wood for shaping. We also have Dasco chisels for masonry work when you need to make a clean cut in brick or stone.

      Few tools in your workshop offer the advantages of a multi-tool. With a Craftsman 12-in-1 multi-tool, you get 12 tools, including saws and screwdrivers, to assist you with your daily work. You can even use your wrench to hold a nut in place as you tighten a bolt with the pliers on a Leatherman Super Tool 300. A multi-tool fits conveniently in your pocket or in a separate pouch, and you can access each individual tool with just your index finger. You can also find oscillating multi-tools that feature individual blades for cutting, scraping and sanding.

      Your on-site or at-home workshop requires hand tools such as wrenches and chisels to tackle miscellaneous jobs from day to day. Invest in a Craftsman 12-ounce hammer to apply force to your chisel when you are cutting wood, and fill your toolbox with Craftsman Professional pliers for holding bolts and other objects firmly in place. The Craftsman 4-piece pliers set contains needle-nose and duckbill pliers with serrated teeth that create a tight grip as you work. Complete your woodworking shop with Craftsman chisels and Freud handsaws, and make repairs on the car engine with a ratchet set from GearWrench. In addition to ratchet sets, we have nut drivers and screwdrivers for use in both your woodworking and metalworking shops.

      With a wrench, you can assemble a patio table or tighten a loose pipe in the kitchen. Use a chisel to make a recess in your door before installing the latch, and invest in a multi-tool to receive screwdrivers, pliers and knives all in one unit. Shop at Sears for more affordable hand tools and accessories for your home or business.