GearWrench: Still and Forever
      Lifetime Warranty

      If this wrench when used for its intended purpose, fails to give you complete satisfaction, return it to the store where purchased. We will at our discretion, give you a free replacement of the same or similar item.

      Si esta llave, siendo usada para su propito, no le brinda una satisfacci completa, devuvala a la tienda donde fue comprada. Nosotros a nuestra discreci, le daremos un reemplazo gris del mismo o similar producto.

      Questions, comments or for more warranty information call toll free: 1-800-688-8949

      Preguntas, comentarios o para mas informaci a cerca de la garant llenos gris al 1-800-688-8949

      Why GearWrench
      • Understanding
        How You Work

        GearWrench products are
        designed and manufactured to
        overcome the problems and
        obstacles that professional tool
        users encounter every day.

        Understand How You Work
      • The Mark of A True

        Why do tens of thousands of
        industrial and automotive
        mechanics rely on GearWrench
        hand tools? Because
        GearWrench Tools consistently
        allow the professional to save
        time and make more money. That
        productivity is the mark of a true

        Understand How You Work
      • Get It Done Tool

        Using the same user-centered
        process it developed for its
        groundbreaking ratcheting
        wrench, GearWrench also
        produces screwdrivers, specialty
        tools and more as well as tool
        storage and tool sets. Each tool
        helps the user to "get it done."

        Understand How You Work is the place for GearWrench tools. And auto and industrial mechanics and home repair and improvement DIYers visit for all the GearWrench tools they need to get the job done including GearWrench ratcheting wrenches and many more mechanics tools. Shop by brand, tool type or category. Get assistance from the Blue Tools Crew and our extensive online community. has you covered form to-do till to-done.

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