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Military action figures add excitement to playtime

For kids who view soldiers as the ultimate heroes, there's no better way to play than with military action figures that look just like their real-life counterparts. Your kids can pretend they're on a secret mission to cross enemy lines, or they can make believe they're on a search-and-rescue team to find injured parties. Whatever their imaginations dream up, give them toys that bring playtime to life. Sears has action figures that celebrate and honor military and rescue personnel that they fit right into your child's hands.

Ever since tiny green army soldiers hit the toy market, military figures have remained popular. Kids love playing the hero, so give them the chance to pretend with action figure characters that kids can actually look up to. Sears carries a variety of military and rescue figures that will have your kids saving the day. Realistic details bring these toys to life, giving children the chance to imagine how it feels to be a hero.

Your child's soldier may be running to save someone or kneeling down, toy weapon in hand. Sears has action figures and action figure playsets that are sure to create an exciting adventure for all kids. Find Marine, Army and Navy Seal action figures to reenact famous battles or create their own. Older kids will love packs containing Halo soldiers to go along with their favorite video game. When it's time to step away from the electronics, playtime can still go on with action figures straight off the screen.

Find your favorite brand of action toys to keep your kids entertained. Pit military figures against superhero figures and see who wins. Kids who have a favorite film character can now play with a toy that replicates it, so although the movie is over, playtime never has to end. Expect fierce battles and plenty of dizzying action once these figures enter the picture. Along with military figures that celebrate real-life heroes, Sears also has wrestling action figures and other collectibles to fit all types of interests.

Whether your child's play consists of military adventures or sports action, these figures and accessories are designed to hold up to hours of missions, combat and games. Shop Sears for toys and figurines sure to please kids and collectors of all ages.


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