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      Unleash the hero from within with movie action figures

      The galaxy is in danger, and the world needs your child to protect everyone from the forces of evil. Let Sears be their ally in the battle of the ages. Our full range of movie and comic action figures will inspire the hero in any child or comic book aficionado. We have all of your favorite characters and essential adventure accessories. From caped crusaders to supernatural super-villains, we have your favorite figurines so you can bring the immersive worlds of comics and movies to life.

      Action figures let any child step into the shoes of their favorite heroes. Sears offers figures from studios like Disney, classic favorites like Star Wars and the latest and greatest from comic superstars like Marvel. Charge onto the battlefield with GI Joe and other military action figures, or become a wizard for a day with Harry Potter. These popular figures extend beyond the movie theater, though. Anime and video game fans will find the toys and accessories to satisfy their imaginations, too.

      Figurines are only the beginning. Sears carries all the accessories you need to take the action to the next level. Don the sword and shield of a legendary hero with costuming gear and props. Expand the breadth of your child's fantasies using action figure playsets. Kids and adults alike can even carry a keychain of their favorite character as a badge of fan pride. Sears' expansive realm of figures and collectibles boasts a little something for everyone.

      Kids don't have to have all the fun. That's why Sears offers a selection of action figures and collectible figurines that can satisfy the inner child in any adult. Sitting alongside the straight-from-the-movie paragons are the quirky, special-edition collectibles fans swoon over. After all, we know your collection just won't be complete without limited release figures. When you shop our extensive selection of unique action heroes, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your figurine family.

      Figurines put the thrill and fun of adventure media in your hands. These rich fantasy worlds inspire the imagination and spark a little bravery in all of us. Find toys for all ages from your favorite action heroes and their domains. As a gift or on display, action figures from Sears will make any comic, movie or video game comes to life.


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